Bucharest’s non-smoking section (2)

At about this time last year Bucharest In Your Pocket became the first publisher in the city to come up with a thorough list of venues where smoking was not allowed (and not merely venues which have a so-called ‘non-smoking’ section – these are generally pointless and with a couple of exceptions not worth mentioning – but instead a list of places which forbid smoking entirely).

The original Bucharest Life post on the subject, from February last year, is here.

More than a year on we thought it high time we published a new list of non-smoking venues in Bucharest, not least as the number of places which frown upon smoking is increasing (albeit slowly), catering to a growing demand from people who want to go out and enjoy themselves in this city, yet at the same time actually care about their health and/or do not want to come home at the end of the night reeking of tobacco.

Here then, is our updated list. If you are aware of anywhere else, let us know in the comments section. We intend to revise this list regularly and will be creating a dedicated section over at Bucharest In Your Pocket, which we intend to become the definitive non-smoking Bucharest directory.



Aristocats Bistro

Be Nat

Black Eye Coffee

Bohemia Tea House

Camera din Fata

Coffee Factory


Green Tea

Klein Cafe



Serendipity Tea House

Starbucks Hanul lui Manuc (and all others)

Tucano Coffee



Balkan Bistro

Barbizon Steak House



Beca’s Kitchen

Caffe Citta

Casa Satya


Corso Brasserie

Dacia Felix

Edo Sushi

La Brasserie

The London Street Bistro


Omnivore’s Dilemma

Paris Bucharest Brasserie

Prime Steaks & Seafood

Raionul de Peste




Violeta’s Bistro


We must also include of course the Hard Rock Cafe. It is not entirely non-smoking, but given its size and the fact that smokers and non-smokers are separated by a huge space, it is one venue whose non-smoking section is actually entirely free of smoke. Readers Cafe is another place where smokers and non-smokers are kept well apart.

Do let us know of any other places which are non-smoking.

  • ”exquisite pussy”? In the late 90’s and early 2000’s for sure yes. But today is now very different. A lot of them are just fat lumpy things with a permanent scowl on their expressionless faces. All in dire need of taking their faces for a good ol shit!

    without exquisite pussy bucharest would never have the best nightlife in europe u donk! are you also contesting that? that bucharest nightlife is miles away from….? insert european capital name…

    • Florin old sunshine…most of us ‘immigrants’ make more cash in a month than you can in a year. I guess that explains your foul mood and rude behaviour.
      Remember money isn’t everything and there’s no need to be jealous.

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      • Anon

        The only person making Romania looking bad here is yourself. I guess seeing lots of rich expats just makes you bitter.

        • florin

          trust me…you re not rich…both of yus. anything else u wanna add except this boring rich rift plaque? no?
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          • Anon

            I own two cars and a luxury apartment florin. I never have to check my bank balance before going on a spending sprees as I know I will always have cash in one of my accounts. What do you have florin?
            Just remember next time you’re out in a bar or club with your single drink trying to look all glamorous, that us immigrants can actually walk the walk and are living the life that you pretend to be living.

            • Anon

              Even though I’m rich, I like to spend my life on this website mocking Romanians.

          • Geronimo

            @Anon – dick

          • Amadeus Bach Beethoven

            I’d suggest an individual whose doing his best to mock a Romanian, who he assumes he’s richer and more superior than. Is doing more to give ex patriots a bad name, than anything else.

            It’s almost cringeworthy to read the bragging of having 2 luxury cars, whilst rubbing the nose of someone less fortunate in it, assuming his assumptions are correct.

            I’m not so sure a man who proclaims to be so superior, would spend so much time on social media, mocking and abusing others.

            What is it you dislike about Romanians so much? Are you racist, or just a bit troubled? It’s one or the other.

          • Anon

            @Geronimo-poor bitter Romanian dick

          • Woger

            Aww Roger is having another full on meltdown.

        • florin laur et all

          I m never coming back….good luck in Romania..the country i love.

          • Anon

            You said that last time
            BTW you mean ‘et al’

      • Casey

        Now we have just found out that Mr. Taking It Up the Rear (or whatever) is actually Florin

        • Anon

          Nope, it was just Florin not knowing how to use quotation marks when quoting me.

        • Mr Rearguard

          It’s Rearguard, Mr Rearguard.

    • Mr Rearguard

      @Flo Jo. Every pub and club in Bucharest playing that same song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke doesn’t make it the best nightlife in Europe. And how come there are not tons of airplanes tipping up every Friday at Otopeni packed with foreign party goers eh? Nah it’s all in your head Flo Jo, I’d rather go down the Legion and play dominoes with Knock Knock.

      • Expatescu

        Bucharest is the undisputed night life capital of Europe. If your idea of nightlife is partying like it’s 1985. Too bad Florin isn’t cashed up enough to hit Berlin, Marseilles, or Lisbon.

        • Anon

          @Expatescu he’s not rich enough to enjoy a decent night out, not like a rich ex pat like me and you.

          • Woger

            Roger, you spell it ‘expat’, there is no space.

          • anon

            Damn site Craig, when will you allow me to edit my posts when I realised I hadn’t posted as anon or Anon!

            Now everyone can see I’m a trouble making troll.

      • florin

        im not talking about british junkies flying on wizz air with their pockets full of LSD. If your eyes are sharp enough you will realize that there are no HUGE highend clubs anywhere in europe packed with tens of tables where the average bill is between 200 500 euros closing at 6 or 7 in the morning. Donks in the west have to wake up every fokin day at 7 for their meager job and commute. There are no cool huge luxury(london has some tiny ones closing at 3 4 max) in western europe u donks. just lke churches are now empty museums. Everyone works like a mule and the kids are doing lsd.Show me more than one huge highend club(not rave cages) in europe. Show me the closing times…show me pics full of chicks.Show me…u donks cause ive seen them all./

        • anon

          You sound very bitter. I was at an excellent club on the weekend, lots of people, all having a good time drinking and dancing until 6am when we were kicked out.
          I can’t think of a single high end club in Bucharest, only faux-high ends with pitsi standing around trying to look glamerous while they sip the one drink they can afford and Rasvan tries as hard as possible to look like a highflyer while hoping at the same time he isn’t too successful with the ladies as taking them back to his parent’s house while he’s in his 30’s is a bit embarrasing…oh wait, I just described you didn’t I?

          • And where the fok was that excellent club may i ask? start searching the net cause the lies are crawling behind.”we were kicked out” while you were still rocking the floor at 6 am hahahaha.i guess ure middleaged immigrant trevor nows exactly the felling.not being able to pull a chick who can t afford a drink….now thats sad. anyway this site is a sad bunch…the same old fakin donks…with a bald trevor twist from time to time. I get now…there are no good chicks in romania….only in the 90s and a bit of 2000….when your wife still looked good…now…the envy is crawling…sad sad sad.
            no clubs no chicks….i get it.
            to conclude…a quote from the very own guide.
            Club bamboo
            Super fitze club where only the best looking and the best dressed stand any chance of getting in. If you can blag your way past the staff you will enter a world where poverty is a dirty word: only the richest Ro- manians come here, and their dress sense is as good or bad as you can imagine depending on your taste. Music is clubby, friendly house, loud enough to dance to but mel- low enough to permit conversation. Always has loads of PAs from decent acts as well of plenty of live entertain- ment from a touch of cabaret to seriously underdressed ladies dancing on the stage.

            Who writes and approves this? they should take it out immediately. i guess it s all the fake like the guide…better take it down. we all know the guide is a front for something else so uselesss/

          • anon

            Probably because city guides are advertising rags as well and Bamboo probably pay for a favourable blurb.
            That’s the image they want to project, in reality you have a few ‘high flyers’ and plenty of tryhards who are knee deep in debt pretending to live a life they can’t afford. Plenty of girls looking for ‘immigrants’ though.
            The whole place is false and has the same pretentious atmosphere of many of the bars in Dubai when I lived out that way.
            Went there once and left after not too long.

          • Amadeus Bach Beethoven

            Personally after reading through many of the comments, I can’t say I agree with the majority.

            Florin you’re like a lamb to the slaughter to be perfectly honest, as an awful lot of what you say is misguided and cringeworthy – but it could quite easily be argued it’s equally as cringeworthy as a bloke trying to tell you how you’re a poor Romanian and he’s a rich ex patriot.

            It’s clowns like this who give us a bad name. I’m all for freedom of speech, but mocking Romanians and leaving the vast majority of well meaning ones open to abuse and stereotyping, is something if I was moderating – I’d certainly do so accordingly.

            However we don’t know if his boasts of wealth are remotely truthful do we?

            Could it be he’s as bitter and median salaried as the Romanians he likes to mock?

            I wonder? For a man of such wealth and partying, he spends an unhealthy amount of time on here!

            I smell a rat.

          • Geronimo

            Hello Woge

          • Anon

            Lol, Woger, ‘ex patriot.’ hahahahahha. The word you’re looking for is ‘expatriate’.

            Cue meltdown in 5.

          • Amadeus Bach Beethoven

            Conveniently anon

            Typo’s aside, the points still valid.

            Once someone reaches for grammatical and spelling mistakes, one tends to know they’ve had a nerve touched.

            Out of interest, can you explain why you feel it necessary to belittle Romanian people who you claim are poorer than you?

            Clearly you’ve never been to Romania if you feel this, there’s plenty of wealthy people in Romania, admittedly not as evenly spread as I’d like, but making out you’re some kind of wealthy and higher human being as an ex pat, makes you what many say you are on here.

            Why not use one of your 2 luxury cars to travel to Romania and tell a few of these people face to face how rich and better you are than them?

            And final question – why would someone as wealthy and active as you, spend so much time telling everyone how wealthy and active you are?

            Is this the lifestyle of someone so wealthy and active and content in life?

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            I smell a rat anon.

          • anon

            Hi Woger,
            I thought you said you were leaving the site forever after you got furious at words over the internet? How is your blood pressure these days?

            I think at the time I gave you less than two weeks before you would come back, and I’m not surprised to see that I was correct.
            I’ll give you 8/10 for effort though to try and correct your grammar and spelling, but only 3/10 for your attempts at constructing an argument.
            Thanks for the laugh provided by ‘ex-patriot’ though, that will keep me going for a while. BTW typos are typically only made once, you’ve made the same one several times which leads me to believe that you actually think ‘expat’ is short for ‘ex-patriot’ HAHAHAH.

          • Alex

            What a horrible person you are anon.

            A fantastic example of being wealthy doesn’t make you intelligent or a decent human being.

          • Woger

            I can change my name too and pretend to be several different people!

          • anon

            I’m far too busy to spend my life on a website insulting people, I really am, and I’m not lying either.

            I’ve got two luxury cars to drive and a busy lifestyle partying, so that’s why I use the tram and spend my life on here bragging to strangers and insulting Romanians!

          • Woger

            Thanks for the laugh Rog, I’ve never seen someone have a full on meltdown over words on the Internet before; it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.
            UKIP’s finest!

          • anon

            I forgot to change my username from Woger above to my 2 guises of Anon and anon – but I’m far too busy with my luxury cars, partying lifestyle, spelling and grammar police, homophobia and obsession with an obscure website to notice I’d posted as Woger instead of anon or Anon.

            Oh and I’m defiantly not angry or bothered by these poor Romanian people like florin or Woger who voted ukip – really I’m not the slightest bit bothered as I rarely reply or get hooked so easily by people like this – not with my superior intelligence anyway!

          • Woger

            I didn’t forget treacle, I’ve decided I will keep the handle ‘Woger’ in honour of your latest meltdown.

          • anon

            I’ve used my superior intelligence and whilst posting from one of my 2 luxury cars I’ve decided to call a bloke I think is Roger, Woger and now called him treacle, because I’m not the slightest bit bothered and heaven forbid angry (unless I spot a spelling or grammar mistake) that makes me lose the plot!

            I’m that intelligent that if I say anyone who makes me look a fool, is having a meltdown – then that means everyone will believe I’m calm and not the slightest bit annoyed. Unless you’re a poor Romanian called florin, he does annoy me, and that bloke I call Woger, he annoys me too, and the fact I couldn’t edit my name when o posted as Woger and not anon or Anon – apart from all of that I’m not the slightest bit annoyed.

            Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve a tram to catch as both my luxury cars have broken down and I’ve an all night party to go to with my pocket full of cash and I’m gonna show these poor Romanian people what it’s like to party like it’s 1985.

            I am all for immigration as it allows me to boast in countries where the median salary is low, just how rich and cool I am!

        • Mr Rearguard

          @FloJo. If you’re still out dossing about in some grotty Bucharest club at 7 in the morning, then chances are you must be a right ugly c.unt that no lass wants to go home with you?

        • Mr Rearguard

          Oi FloJo. Average bar bill 200-500Euro per table till 7 am? Very small spenders if there were say 10 people per table. If I was a night club owner, I would be ashamed to have clients like that.

          • Anon

            200 EUR is a lot of money to him Rearguard, don’t forget that.
            It’s almost his entire months salary. Pocket change AFAIC.

          • florin

            Sa va iau mortii si familiile n pula de si sa ma pis pe mormantu vostru de cacat infect ce esti ba saracule.

          • anon

            Sounds like you’ve flipped FloJo. Poor angry man.

          • Mr Rearguard

            @ anon. Flipped out? Another one bites the dust!

          • Mr Rearguard

            One more thing FloJo, before you throttle your long suffering mother, could you please explain what a ‘Donk’ is, cheers pal.

          • Anon

            I’m going to have to start painting trophies on the side of my laptop at this rate.

            • Anon

              I just love this in my life. I need to be right on the internet as I’ve not much else in my life.

            • CommonSense-Less

              Aww Roger has taken to impersonating me again, soon he’ll be doing the same with other usernames again like he did with Geronimo when UKIP got slaughtered in the elections he was so confident they would do well in.

            • CommonSense

              No, didn’t impersonate Geronimo, you probably did – you’re the man whose now posting as CommonSense, previously Woger etc etc all because I make you angry …… You’re posting as one of your angry mimics now lol.

              I’ve recalled a couple of occasions where someone has mimicked you and it’s not been me, perhaps more than just me can see you’re a bit of a tragic bloke whose easy to wind up?

              Read your boastings of wealth above as one of your former names anon – you come across as a right cock and embarrassing middle aged man.

              Telling strangers on the Internet how wealthy you are lol … Do you know how tragic you sound !

              Have a nice day, Mr I’ve got 2 luxury cars lol

            • CommonSense-Less

              *yawn* I’ve seen this kind of game from you before Roger; trying to distract from being caught out yet again you play the username changing game.
              Fact of the matter is only you would have the same two threads bookmarked and be juvenile enough to impersonate another poster.
              It’s ok, I get that you’re frustrated with your inability to communicate in a clear and coherent manner. Go back to school, it will help.

            • CommonSense


              You’re the one who keeps mimicking my name – a fact all can clearly see.

              Do try to not allow a stranger to anger you so much, that you’d go to such lengths 🙂

    • Probably because city guides are advertising rags as well and Bamboo probably pay for a favourable blurb.
      That’s the image they want to project, in reality you have a few ‘high flyers’ and plenty of tryhards who are knee deep in debt pretending to live a life they can’t afford. Plenty of girls looking for ‘immigrants’ though.
      The whole place is false and has the same pretentious atmosphere of many of the bars in Dubai when I lived out that way.
      Went there once and left after not too long

      they can t afford but somehow they re there paying the tabs…dressing up. i wonder how that works…dubai is a shiny shit hole…i wonder how are they filling the clubs…is it taliban chicks? most probably romanian.
      u really don t get it…there is no nightlife without an army of chicks lookin for anything for the matter. there are no hordes of chicks anywhere in western europe willing to dress up and hook up with an immigrant or a local./

      • florin

        listen…i get it…you re married…and that s that.

        • Anon

          Since when did ‘LOL YOU’RE MARRIED’ become an insult?
          I never have been married and have no intention to be married for now as I’m still young and having way too much fun.

        • Mr Rearguard

          @FloJo. Is your Dad called Roger?

  • I find myself shocked over this list. Had anyone asked me, I would have asserted that Romania had no non smoking areas. Live and learn I have to say.

    As a matter of disclosure, I have been a non smoker since 5 August 1985.

  • They are just not cut out for this kind of delicate work”
    rearcraig u re not just that delicate everytime u talk so really not qualified for..
    the way u write on this forum sounds like ur comin from a dungeon,

    • Mr Rearguard

      A little piece of film to back up my claim that Latin people could never perform the role of a butler.

      • questions about …war…money…nationalism…backdoor treaties..gold standard.. arms…basically the scum of the earth.
        the butler should have told that lollol ”smart guy” the only way to solve his questions was to get rid of money. he would have choked on that fat cigar. hopkins should ask him how does he envisage a cashless society and what would his role be in it?
        q.e.d my ass.

  • Mr Rearguard

    I notice that when you go somewhere which has a no smoking section, it’s always the crappiest grottiest part of the bar/restaurant that no sod wants to sit at. Why don’t they reverse it and make the smokers sit in the shit end and give us non smokers the gucci part? After all, we spend the most money because we don’t waste time by bringing in our own stash of ciggies. Instead we’re constantly holding a beer in our hand caning it….well at least I do anyhow.

    • At Divan a couple of weeks ago we were ushered to a table by the door which we were told was for non-smokers. Not the best table in the restaurant but it was smoke-free, and as we were with the kids we had little choice but to take it. What happened? Around 30 minutes later a member of staff sat at the next table and sparked up, smoking all over the kids. We had a word and he moved. But the point is: smoking or non-smoking, the two do not mix. Oh and do note that as a libertarian I am not in favour of total bans, as I think the market will sort the whole thing out eventually: there will be smoking venues and non-smoking venues. No real need for the state to interfere.

      • Per your comment about the two not mixing – I had an interesting conversation with the guys over at Black Eye Coffee, and while you clearly cannot enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by smoke, they did tell me that business is waaaayyy down because of their non-smoking rule. I thought it was an amazingly pleasant atmosphere with great coffee – but it looks like there’s not yet a big enough market here for businesses to feel comfortably taking the non-smoking plunge. Some businesses do, and a good majority of those that do regret it. The funny thing about this is that a large portion of the Romanians smoke so they can be seen smoking – they all think they’re roaring 20’s high society. Part of “going out” for them is to sit somewhere, preferably with five of their friends, all sharing one cocktail, and smoking 36 cigarettes a minute whilst glancing around the room to see who’s starring at them. Most expats however, just feel like having a smoke every now and then. The venues here seem to recognize the difference (of course you have places like Starbucks where the pure fitzeness of the brand outweighs the need for people to be seen smoking. Holding a venti mocha they bought with one week’s salary seems to be plenty flashy enough).

        • Expats? ure a damn immigrant so shut ur mouth with roaring twwenties …this is bucharest european capital of nightlife and exquisite pussy. u bald boris lol

          • Expatescu

            There’s actually a fair amount that Trevor gets right. I’m amazed by the number of fitze-wannabe Romanians trying way too hard to look like they’re stylishly enjoying themselves rather than just enjoying themselves. Then again it’s the kind of thing you see in many second/third world/developing countries, so I supposed it’s to be expected.

          • Mr Rearguard

            ”exquisite pussy”? In the late 90’s and early 2000’s for sure yes. But today is now very different. A lot of them are just fat lumpy things with a permanent scowl on their expressionless faces. All in dire need of taking their faces for a good ol shit!

          • Anon

            Don’t forget makeup so thick you could scrap it off in chunks with your fingernails.

          • Mr Rearguard

            Oi, Flo Jo,would I be right in guessing you shave your bald nuts twice weekly?

      • Florin – thank you for pointing out that I have shaved my head – I am glad you were able to notice that in my photo – very astute of you. I also find it astonishing that you were able to make the connection between expats and immigrants. You sir, are a genius. Were you able to deduce this by my rather “foreign” sounding name, or by way of the fact that this is a blog primarily for expats? Either way, bravo… well done. In closing, I’d like to add that if it wasn’t for us “damn immigrants”, your Country would be… how shall I say this tactfully… full of people like you?

        • Holding a venti mocha they bought with one week’s salary seems to be plenty flashy enough).
          Stop deluding yourself ure an immigrant.only white bald envious people like u use that word.Another dipshyt who married a romanian but then starts moaning like a whore about nothing. Did she drag u all the way down here by force? or u decided to be a goddamn immigrant
          and act humble?

          • Anon

            Florin old sunshine…most of us ‘immigrants’ make more cash in a month than you can in a year. I guess that explains your foul mood and rude behaviour.
            Remember money isn’t everything and there’s no need to be jealous.

  • Johan Bouman

    Unrelated: Last month I went to that Hungarian restaurant in the Old town you recommended in an article in the guide some time ago, saint george i believe it is called. It was awful 🙁

    • That was a long time ago indeed! I haven’t listed it for a couple of years, neither in print nor on the website.

      • Mr Rearguard

        Another bad restaurant is The Harbour near where Planters use to be. In fact I can’t really think of any good restaurant in Bucharest. I put this down to the waiters, they don’t have what it takes to make a good waiter. Latin people always let their emotions get in the way of their duty. That’s probably why they are never employed as butlers?

        • In fact I can’t really think of any good restaurant in Bucharest.

          Oh dear. There are plenty. Most of the places in this list are excellent, including Prime which is probably the best restaurant in the land. If only there was a handy pocket-sized guide to point you in their direction…

          • Mr Rearguard

            Alright I’ll take that back. I no longer live in Bucharest so maybe things have changed a little. I must admit I use to love this Greek restaurant on Strada Decebal but I think it’s now closed? They had a proper no smoking area and it was the best part to be seated in too. However, I have had many bad experiences in Bucharest restaurants, mainly because of the local waiters being totally crap at their chosen profession. They are just not cut out for this kind of delicate work.

    • Mr Rearguard

      Been there too, facking shit.

  • Debbie

    Also Black Eye Coffee (opposite Lazar high school, near Cismigiu) and The Coffee Factory, near Kogalniceanu. Both of them very good.

    • Thanks. I will get the researchers to add these. Have also been told (offline) about Lente, but I am certain I have seen people smoking there.

  • Hi,
    You can cross-check your list against:

    • Not really. They include places which claim to have non-smoking sections but which are in fact full of smoke, as well as some places which are closed! They are not kept up to date. This will be the definitive list.

      • Debbie

        Yes, there are lots of places that have non-smoking sections until the owner’s friends turn up and want to smoke there.

        Another restaurant that could join your list is Yuki, a lovely little Japanese place on Putul lui Zamfir.

        • Mr Rearguard

          Hello Debbie. Hello Rodney!