Some parts of Bucharest are dog free


We had to pay a visit to Bucurestii Noi yesterday morning, to Jiului to be precise, and as we emerged from the metro we were met by a pack of four rather unpleasant looking, and ferociously barking stray dogs. They appeared to have emerged from the courtyard of a factory whose gates had been left unlocked.

We were rather taken aback: it was the first time we had seen a pack of strays in Bucharest in quite a while. We still spot the odd stray here and there, but for many months now the number of strays terrorising the Romanian capital’s streets has clearly been decreasing; fast. It’s perhaps time to recognise that some areas of the capital (and our own, Vitan, is one of them) are now dog free.

The agency responsible for stray dogs, ASPA, last week published figures which would suggest the dog problem is indeed becoming a thing of the past: it estimates the number of strays in Bucharest to now be as low as 4,000: that’s a huge decrease since the last major dog census was carried out in 2013, when there were almost 65,000.

This of course begs the question: Where have all the dogs gone? To be perfectly honest, we don’t really care, but according to ASPA around 20,000 have been adopted, 2,000 remain in shelters and 26,000 have been put down. The boss of ASPA, Razvan Bancescu, made some rather bizarre claims about how dogs being sent abroad for adoption were being mistreated. The dog NGOs denied the claims, and for once we’re inclined to believe them.

What’s important of course is that the dogs are no longer on our streets, and that things stay that way: dog numbers have fallen in the past (although never as low as current levels) only to increase again very quickly. Keeping the streets safe is an ongoing task.

It is also a shame that a small boy had to die before something got done.

Loads more on the stray dog issue in Life passim.

  • Not about

    The japanese citizen was not with his grandmother and he was also killed. It’s a long list. And it’s not only about dead people, it’s also about bites, faeces, rotten food on the street. This not a normal life in an european city, it’s more like a jungle. But now it’s over, Bucharest its free and safe.

    • Mr Rearguard

      So I take it then that you never venture outside of Bucharest then eh? Take the town of Onesti for example. They had their fair share of dogs but since Bucharest has become almost dog free, Onesti has now got facking shitloads of dogs. Where did they come from eh?

      • There were lots in Poiana Brasov this year. Another first for Romania I think, the only ski resort in the world where stray dogs are a hazard on the slopes.

  • C.B.

    “It is also a shame that a small boy had to die before something got done”.

    The little bastard would have died sooner or later anyway being that he was in the care of that… care-free grandma.

    “The dog NGOs denied the claims, and for once we’re inclined to believe them.”

    One would be have to be as stupid as Razvan Bancescu to believe that those vicious dogs have become sex toys for westerners and few meet that standard – now you got me wondering if anon agrees Bancescu on this one!

    “Keeping the streets safe is an ongoing task.”

    I hope they will prevail so that we finally get some pertinent topics around here.

    • C.B.

      Your hero could be losing his job. Some of you better start writing letters of support to his friend, the mayor – another royal jackass!

      (I have no proof but I’m telling you, Bancescu is a pedophile!)

    • Not about

      Do you think is normal to have animal on the streets? It’s normal to transform the public space in a big WC for animal? This is how other countries are doing? Let me tell you, in UK and France ori in other countries this animals are taken and euthanized. Check the internet, this animals are euthanized big time in Europe.

      • Armando Aballando

        No it is not normal to have animals on the streets, as you put it. But there are better and worse ways to solve this problem. Several cities in Mexico, for example, started mass STERILIZATION (spay + neutering) programs which have already lowered the numbers of strays quite a bit… This is the humane approach, one that is unfortunately not used that much in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and other countries in the region . The governments (and some people) of this region seem not to care that it was humans who contributed (and still contribute) to the problem of stray dogs, and it is we who have to respect these animals’ lives enough to deal with the problem HUMANELY. Most strays are not aggressive, but are fighting to survive every day in a society that mistreats them, turns a blind eye to their pain and suffering, and even throws stones at them… (saw this first hand when I was in Romania) People who have not yet lost 100% of their empathy and humanity should get involved with organizations that help to reduce the number of strays without resorting to cruel and unnecessary means.

  • Giuseppe

    Some of these exchanges remind me of Monty Python :))

    @Craig – I think one of my comments got stuck in moderation. Possibly because I dropped an F-bomb (as in “f”’ yeah”)

  • anon

    I see Davin has resorted to spamming videos now…

    • Roger

      I see you’ve resorted to abusing girls now…

  • The dog is the best and oldest friend of man. All this talk is just a waste of time! No dogs are guilty. Man is the one who should be liable. This has nothing to do with nationality or language you speak. It’s crazy, anyway, if you do not know something! From what I understand, here, write Romania or Bucharest haters! Why not make a medical examination? Can a psychologist can help! Good Luck! :p

    • florin

      never thought this retard is actually davina….but when u click his link..
      my god the shi t he spews is unreal.literally unreal.
      but when u think of it…a mere ”photographer” can never have a real IQ..all he needs to do is …click..the best part of it is that ROMANIA does not give a fock about him. So keep clickin u little dipshit keep clickin and spewin.One day he ll go back to his nuclear redneck piece of the woods because he s so stupid he ll never learn the language(imagine Davina repeating declensions …cases.. ) he s gonna be so old no one will dig a muttering lowlife american. He s so stupid he l never understand what im writing here…just have a look at the idiotic answer he ll come up with.
      I really hope he s actually sick not just plain fokin stupid.

        • Tu! Ai grija de locul, plantele, animalele si oamenii din jurul tau!
          Te! Vigyázz a hely, a növények, állatok és emberek körül!

    • Roger

      @alfarrock you make some fair points and not least the most salient one … when you say the dog is not guilty – it’s the human who have allowed the situation to get as out of control as it (was/is) in various places.

  • Ethan

    Back in 1996 I watched a few city employees try and round up some dogs at the old piata on Floreasca. They were actually driven off by a group of older residents swinging grocery bags and shouting “leave them alone” and “what did they ever do to you?”.

    • Roger

      @Ethan … Yeah another problem added to the mix, many of the Romanians I personally know LOVE the dogs and seem perfectly happy to live side by side (although if a family member attacked or blinded by dog dirt) … I am sure they would think differently! So your point is a good one and I have seen similar instances where people are tolerant and kind to the dogs – so if this feeling is shared by people in power, the process of freeing ALL Romania of the stray dog problem, won’t be as easy as it could be.

  • “It is also a shame that a small boy had to die before something got done”.

    Yeah, that’s because Romania is an eastern backwater. The more time I spend here the less I understand Romanians and the way they think. It’s as if there’s a reverse logic to the way people operate here. Absolutely baffling!

    • Mr Rearguard

      What are you talking about you tool? You don’t have to spend anytime here. Yeah like all countires Romania has it’s faults but why don’t you do what I did and go seek out it’s beauty… I don’t mean whore houses you pilchard!

      • What the hell is your goddamn problem Rearguard? You know as well as I that Romania is in the back of the beyond in all ways. Bucharest wreaks of a backward peasant mentality. What EU country has stray dogs besides Romania? What other European capital city destroyed a third of its historic center during peacetime besides Romania? There’s a profound level of stupidity present here that has to be seen to be believed. Romanians have no backbone, they never stand up for anything.

        • anon

          A bit rich of you saying that when you go to Romana to profit off taking photographs (without permission of course) of the ‘backwards peasants’. If you gave a shit, maybe you could actually pay your subjects instead of abusing them.

          • anon

            ‘There’s a profound level of stupidity present here that has to be seen to be believed.’

            Are you talking about Roger or yourself here?

          • When I go to Romania? I’ve lived here since 2002. Pay my subjects? No, it’s called street photography. I didn’t make Romania poor. Nicolea did. Romania is not my fault. I spend more money every day than 99% of the people in Bucharest. I contribute plenty to the economy.

          • anon

            You profit off poverty. Giving a few bucks to the people who you stalk is simply the moral thing to do.

          • Hey! Dogs are back in town! Beware!

          • Roger

            @anon you horrible little angry man, what on earth has Davina’s ill thought and creepy photography life got to do with me? You’re a weird stalker and need help.

          • Roger

            @Davina ….. mate you don’t help yourself sometimes as you are full of so many contradictions – constant Romanian bashing from you and some others at times – doesn’t fit with you ‘love’ of the country and the people? Can you see that? I find it truly bizarre that many non-Romanians are still moaning and yet surely they are experienced enough to know what some ways of life are like, and lets face it ALL countries have their frustrations like difficulties in red tape, traffic problems, bus lanes, silly council ideas, wasting public money, not helping the poorest etc etc etc ……….. Sure to some foreign people in Romania maybe you expect a country to be more like your own? But in reality surely a basic understanding of history and differing cultures means the things you moan about – really aren’t all that strange or worth moaning about!

            • Huh? Romania is unique in Europe. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have moved here.

          • Roger

            @Davina Romania is no more unique than any European country, to a degree – All countries have their quirks and differing cultures etc but constantly moaning about a country ……… and then say how you ‘love’ the country – doesn’t make sense? It’s perfectly normal and OK to not agree and like everything in life, but why moan when you have a choice to leave? Your moaning isn’t going to change anything on its own.

        • Mr Rearguard

          Oi Fuck Features, don’t judge Romania on your grotty apartment in Bucharest. What other EU country has stray dogs? Italy, Greece, Spain to name a few that I know of.

        • Dermitius

          There are some foolish assertions here. If Romanians had no backbone then why would it be the case that in each of the two world wars the proportion of Romanians that died serving in the military was twice that of the UK? Also during the overthrow of Communism it was only Romanians who had to stand up to serious and lethal opposition from the security forces, for which many of them paid with their lives.

          Again, backward peasants do not go about destroying a third of their capital city, they have other more pressing concerns. It takes an organised urban mentality to undertake such large scale cosmetic surgery in a city. One thing that both the Iron Guard and the Communists demonstrated is that Romanians can rapidly be organised to act en-masse in a most un-peasant like way. Any chaos today is down to the oh-so sophisticated democrats running the show.

          Finally, Romania has many peasants, certainly, but the stray dog problem resulted from the depopulation of the rural regions by forcing peasants to become urbanites in large numbers. Face it, there is no logical or empirical connection between being a backwater and being unable to control animals, indulging in urban vandalism or lacking courage. You may not like backwaters but degeneracy is rather a hallmark of advanced societies.

          • Dermitius,

            Maybe because Romanians stupidly ran at fixed machine gun installations?! Not too smart.

            Romanians only stood up after Iliescu orchestrated the overthrow of Ceausescu. If Iliescu hadn’t done this, the protests starting in Timisoara would never have deposed Ceausescu alone.

            Ceausescu was indeed a peasant of the worst kind as are the ex-communists who pull the strings here in Bucharest.

            The stray dog problem was created when Ceausescu leveled Unirii, Izvor and Uranus to build the palace. 40,000 people were evicted and relocated from their amazing villas to the likes of Militari.

            I speak of a backward peasant (uneducated) mentality that persists among the leadership in Romania. No one with any understanding of life, history and culture would destroy a city’s architectural heritage. It’s illogical. The reason Bucharest has such a bad reputation worldwide is because of what Ceausescu did to this place.

            I am totally unclear on what was the goal of Ceausescu for Romania?! Making everyone miserable and bankrupting the country to what end? Where does that get a nation? The fact that no one ever stepped into check Ceausescu’s power makes absolutely no sense. How did no communists with maybe a university degree not advise Ceausescu that destroying a third of the historic center was a bad idea? There’s a level of stupidity amongst the ruling class here that is hard to fathom.

          • anon

            My god, you and Roger are two different kinds of extreme stupidity.
            I’d need to spend an hour or so typing up a detailed rebuttal of your simplified version of Romanian history and I can’t be bothered to do so, but Jesus, you really needed to pay more attention in your History & Politics classes…
            On the plus side, at least you can form sentences so not all hope is lost.

          • Roger

            @anon you do know they have laws for people like you … Stalking and being as weird as you are, makes me wonder if you’ve ever had sex?

          • anon

            Yes, with your mother. Granted she’s not the most youthful woman in the world but the lack of teeth means she can give excellent head. Next week I’ll show her the old ‘Angry Dragon’ (hint: it involves paprika).

          • Dermitius

            @Paradox Romania

            Surely it takes backbone to run at fixed machine gun positions? So, if you are right then you prove my point. And if Romanians did die in large numbers that way then it may be because they were doing their duty rather than because they were stupid. Furthermore, if they were stupid then they were no more stupid than the British, French, Germans, Russians and so on. Think of the battles of the Somme, Gallipoli, Verdun and so on. Similarly it doesn’t matter at what point Romanians stood up to Ceaușescu or what their prospects of success were, merely that it took backbone to do so at any point.

            As for levelling the historic centre of Bucharest, I didn’t say that it was a good thing merely that it was not an act indicative of a peasant mentality. Such acts have a long pedigree. Nero, after all, attempted something similar and his aristocratic credentials were impeccable! Ceaușescu was a peasant but that doesn’t entail that his act was a peasant act anymore than it would entail that his palace is a typical example of peasant architecture. Ceaușescu could not have accomplished these things by himself, many others share the responsibility and they were hardly all peasants.

            Finally, I was arguing that the stray dog problem in Romania results not from a national characteristic but from a particular historical displacement of their owners. Your remarks only confirm my view albeit you attribute it to a different event. Personally I would send all dogs to run at fixed machine gun positions!

          • Roger

            @anon … Ah the old ‘I had sex with your mother’ jokes … From a man whose not angry or depressed in his life … Do carry on old bean 🙂

          • Roger

            I am very ignorant to the history of Romania so apologies in advance BUT rather than moan about a dictator who died years ago for what he ruined building wise in Buc – did he not have built some amazing places and things that still look great today? I am NOT supporting the old regime at all – I am just saying I keep hearing from Davina how he ruined and flattered so much, and yet what he left behind isn’t all that bad is it ? (I mean buildings and roads etc) …….. For example I think the palace and Unirii area looks fantastic !

    • Roger

      Davina Romania is how it is ……. How you and the critical article writer can’t grasp that I will never know ?

      • anon

        How you are unable to form a complete sentence I will never know.

        • Roger

          @anon you are a weird stalker and what normal adult lets spelling and grammar upset them on the internet, I mean really, look at yourself 🙂

    • Giuseppe

      I wonder if you’ve ever been sucker punched in the middle of the street in Bucharest…

      • Roger

        No not as yet, thankfully …… and actually Bucharest is one of the last places I’d expect to be attacked unlike in many parts of the UK.

      • Giuseppe

        I was asking our friend, Davin. 🙂

        • No, but I hear Ponta has been.

          • Szervusztok, dragilor! Dar de ce nu screti in romaneste? Ca majoritatea o folositi gand ganditi! Se vede din felul in care formulati propozitiile!

          • Roger

            @Davina … Romania and Bucharest is what it is, and you and your intrusive photography mission won’t change a single thing … The country is trying to move on from the times you continually blame … Much like some others who are always moaning and having digs at Romania – why the hell are you still here then?

        • Roger,

          Romania and Bucharest are what they are because the recent past has never been really dealt with. Very few communists and Securitate have ever been held to account for what they did or the strings they still pull here in Bucharest. This is my issue and there’s something strange and perverse about it. Other former Eastern Bloc countries have really moved on. They’ve made things much more transparent than Romanian officials have. Why are things still hidden here?! Why is this allowed? What kind of a mentality allows for this in a society? I love Romania and Romanians, that’s why I’ve committed to living here for the rest of my life.

          • Roger

            @Davina …….. NO doubt there are problems from the past BUT change doesn’t happen overnight in all cases ….. The recent Ioahnnis result shows parts of the country or individuals are moving on and your constant moaning or indeed exploiting what you complain about is quite bizarre ? If you truly LOVE Romania as you say, like I do, then you love it for what it is, not what you think it should be!

          • “Just that Romania means everything to me. Without it I die.”

            Davin, I wonder if there is one single person who believes you when say that you love Romania.
            If that person exists, he/she surely has not read your opinions on this website.

            Judging by your constant focus on the negative aspects, it is very hard for someone to believe you.
            Your “love” simply does not seem genuine. 😀
            It seems that your focusing on the negatives gives you some sort of thrill…I find that weird, but to each his own.

          • anon

            Of course he loves Romania. Documenting the poverty and exploiting the people (seriously look at the number of creepy ‘street’ shots of young girls he takes) gives him a paycheque.

            Of course if Romania sorted itself out he would be screwed.

          • Roger

            @Prisonerofyoureyes very well put and not resorting to abuse either, you give a lesson to us all … @Davina … For all your constant negatives about Romania, you can’t ‘love’ it as much as you say? Loving the way of life you have now, doesn’t quite fit with what you moan about?

          • Anon,
            I think the pictures Davin takes are a faithful reflection of his attitude and views.

            Excepting a few, I do not like them. And this is not because he chooses to photograph the “ugliness” and the streets (most of the time), but because I do not see any trace of artistry in them. His photos do not have the power to touch/move the viewer (but maybe that is not Davin’s intention).

            There are great photographers in this world who document the ugly unpleasant aspects of life (poverty, famine, war etc.) but their photos are superb- because they have the God-given gift and talent of adding a drop of beauty into the ugliness and therefore “diluting” it and making it less unbearable. They put a piece of their artistic being into their photos and we can see the result of their magical touch. I hope that what I said makes sense.

            But not every photographer is an artist.

          • anon

            Oh I totally agree PotE.

            Too many of his photos are like this
            along with a line about how beautiful Romanian women are. The rest seem to be grainy as hell and shot on an iPhone camera.
            His ‘work’ comes across as fucking creepy to be quiet honest (as does his profile picture of a naked teenage girl [read: child pornography disguised as ‘art]).
            It’s only a matter of time before he takes an unwanted photo of a girl, thinking she’s alone, and her rather angry boyfriend decides to show him the bottom of the river.

          • “Oh I totally agree PotE.
            Too many of his photos are like this
            along with a line about how beautiful Romanian women are. The rest seem to be grainy as hell and shot on an iPhone camera.
            His ‘work’ comes across as fucking creepy to be quiet honest (as does his profile picture of a naked teenage girl [read: child pornography disguised as ‘art]) […] “

            It is PoYE, as in Prisoner of Your Eyes, one of the many great Priest’s songs, with its great guitar riffs and Rob Halford’s powerful vocals.

            Are you the same “anon” that swears at people without being provoked? o.O
            tIF you are one and the same person, could you allow this side of your personality (the one that wrote the comment I quoted) to comment on this website more often? This side of your personality seems quite reasonable.
            You allow the dark sinister side to take control way too often.

            Now I am wondering which side might/will reply to my comment.

          • Roger

            @anon ….. whilst I share some sentiments regarding Davina I do find your hypocrisy quite bizarre ? Here you are preaching morals to a bloke and yet you are equally as creepy and abusive beyond anything Davina has been on here ………… So taking the moral high ground from someone as clearly unpleasant as you gave me a wry smile if honest 🙂

            For some so self declared intelligent and better than me bla bla (insert any childish insult) …….. You’re actually coming across as a bit of a buffoon* (dictionary definition apt for you in all fairness)

    • florin

      I never thought this retard is actually davina….but when u click his link..
      my god the shi t he spews is unreal.literally unreal.
      but when u think of it…a mere ”photographer” can never have a real IQ..all he needs to do is …click..the best part of it is that ROMANIA does not give a fock about him. So keep clickin u little dipshit keep clickin and spewin.One day he ll go back to his nuclear redneck piece of the woods because he s so stupid he ll never learn the language(imagine Davina repeating declensions …cases.. ) he s gonna be so old no one will dig a muttering lowlife american. He s so stupid he l never understand what im writing here…just have a look at the idiotic answer he ll come up with.
      I really hope he s actually sick not just plain fokin stupid.

      • anon

        Nah one day he’s going to photograph the wrong poor person, who’s going to just end up battering him.
        ‘but but but but STREET PHOTOGRAPHY’ may be all Davin needs to justify his intrusions and exploitation of people less fortunate than him, but in the real world people can get defensive when some idiot is taking random photos of you without permission.

    • Giuseppe

      If you’re any kind of intelligent or informed person, you know that pretty much everywhere in the world it can take a tragedy to spark change for the better. How many civil rights activists had to be lynched or assassinated in the US until American society was desegregated?

      And you also know that sometimes a great tragedy isn’t enough to bring change, simply because there is just too much inertia in a society to make changes easy or quick. Kids still wave guns at each other in American schools 16 years after Columbine. You know… because the Second Amendment, fuck yeah!

      In fact a tragedy can even bring changes for the worse. For example privacy rights violations in the western world in the wake of 9/11 and increased terrorist threat.

      So, honestly, you’re either not that intelligent or informed… or you are and you’re just being gratuitously demeaning towards Romanians for some reason. I’m not sure which one is worse.

      And considering your sucky attitude towards Romanians, I’m REALLY surprised no one has sucker punched you yet. :))

      • Roger

        I wouldn’t want to see Davina sucker punched by anyone but I reckon the invasive pictures he takes could put his safety at risk and he’d only have himself to blame …………. I agree with pretty much all of that Giuseppe and sometimes the internet is entertaining as before I’d hardly have imagined so many ill informed or perhaps contradicting people were out there!

  • anon

    When I was last in Bucharest I don’t think I saw a single stray dog, which was great! I did see plenty of stray kitties in Lipscani, but they don’t tend to bark and bite you.
    The dog adoption thing is still going strong though, my ex-missus is exporting tons of the buggers through her charity so they are still around.

  • Roger

    Fully AGREE that the problem of strays needed rectifying but in as humane a manner as possible, as the government would have the financial capacity to do so …………. Of course a human life is of paramount importance to that of an animal (in most eyes naturally) ……. but surely there is no real need or purpose in not caring less what happens to thousands of animals, I mean surely the ones who were fit and healthy, should have been able to live out their life elsewhere (mass pounds in countryside) or better still re-homed to a family who guaranteed they wouldn’t return to the streets (although appreciate maybe only a few hundred dogs could be saved this manner at best) ………… So basically the government allowed this problem to grow over the years – so I only hope that some form of mass cull due to politics, hasn’t lead to the needless slaughter of animals ………….. I will sat again to be VERY clear for the ones who disagree with anything I say – I agree that the strays needed dealing with, just that it was done as humanely as possible and yes this would incorporate the fact that 1000’s perhaps DID need putting down, due to ill health and diesease. But the lack of care for what happens to 10’s of thousands of dogs or not blaming the REAL culprits of the problem, is something a normal fair minded person finds hard to grasp, in the sense that surely you have to be more balanced and not so emotive due to your nationality and expectations of what YOU think a city should be like, or indeed a whole country …………. I mean if people don’t like Romania so much, then why are you still there?

    • Mr Rearguard

      You must have been to Bacau and Iasi then yes?

      • Roger

        Most of Eastern Romania so far rearguard yes. Strays a plenty but Buc seems to have improved, which is a good thing.

    • “I will say again to be VERY clear for the ones who disagree with anything I say”

      This reminds me of a comment you made on the “The Great Wall of Unirii” post and how someone twisted your words.

      In that comment, you expressed your opinion about the quirky side of Romania.
      It was obvious/ clear as day ( especially to the regular readers of the website who knew your opinion about Romania) that your comment was made in good faith and without a trace of maliciousness or negative connotation. In spite of this, that person made unwarranted assumptions and he/she attributed to you words that you did not say- it was unfair of that person to do this.

      Roger, do not worry about these people!
      There are also people who understand exactly what you mean and they understand it on the first reading of your comment(s). 🙂
      The people who WANT to understand, they will. 😉

      • Roger

        @PofYourEyes … Thanks for that, much appreciated, I guess some have just latched onto my dislike of much of the EUssr and also the fact I think immigration should have some form of control, and countries without borders so people can move as they like without any form of control is absolute madness – as so many parts of the world have differing cultures and economies, and many would simply migrate to the most ‘attractive’ countires (and you can’t blame them either) …… Yes and also I hope to many it’s clear I love so much about Romania and the people, culture, lifestyle and indeed the quirkyness at times is interesting and I guess for any traveler it’s interesting to see and experience other cultures ! Gladly you can see what I mean to say and although you don’t agree with my political views on the EUssr – at least you don’t resort to childish abuse and insults, like the regular ones on here who we all can see who they are ………… What makes me laugh about them, is that call me uneducated, thick, racist etc etc and yet they don’t realise the irony in their own words! 🙂 Apologies for my less than perfect spelling and grammar but you are clearly intelligent enough to understand and mature enough not to abuse someone because of the manner in which they write – I think some of these people need to get out more and get some happiness in their life 🙂

      • anon

        Take his dick out of your mouth sometime PotE.

        • Roger

          @anon – that last comment from you just shows everyone what a vulgar and unpleasant individual you really are …….. You need to find some happiness in your life, rather than abusing strangers on the internet, if as I suspect PofE is maybe a women – it makes your vulgar and childish insinuations even more crass and pathetic ……. You really are a poor excuse for a man, but there are plenty like you sadly!

          • anon

            Are you saying you would rather be sucked off by a man?

          • Roger

            @anon your homophobic and abuse towards women tells everyone what type of person you are – and it’s clear you’re a troubled man, who needs some happiness in your life … The anger and crass abuse you make when made to look foolish, doesn’t help your cause … A real man would apologise, but a real man wouldn’t behave like a childish, vulgar fool in the first place.

          • anon

            Nothing wrong with liking men Roger; if that’s your thing I won’t hold it against you.
            BTW I think you meant to say ‘you’re’, not ‘your’.
            Keep dancing little monkey:)

        • You are so predictable, anon! I was expecting a reply along these lines coming from you.
          Also, I was under the impression that only mature people are commenting on this website. I was wrong.

          At the risk of repeating myself I will simply say that I unashamedly admire people with Roger’s values – and by this I mean those basic things we learn as children and which shape and influence us as we mature : kindness, respect, courtesy and many others that elevate us as human beings- judging by your comment it is obvious that you lack them and therefore you could not understand what I am talking about, no matter how many times I would try to explain.

          If you do not possess them, it is difficult for you to recognize them in other people.

          If you continue with this kind of comments, you should not expect replies from me.

          • anon

            Sounds like I struck a nerve. By values do you mean racism, ignorance and reveling in ignorance?
            The only reason I reply the way I do to him is because this guy is not interested in a civil discourse, and the time and effort I’ve put into attempting to discuss his ‘arguments’ with well sourced evidence is simply replied to with accusations of homophobia or ‘being angry’.
            If he’s not prepared to debate without resorting to handwaving, strawman arguments or plain and simple abuse, then I’m going to get all the entertainment I possibly can out of him.

            As I said, take his dick out of your mouth.

            Not receiving a reply from you is hardly a barging chip you can play since I simply do not care.

          • Roger

            @PrisonerofYourEyes …… Lets be honest, most of the fair minded people on here will read your post – and then the multiple abusive and crass posts from anon and make their own minds up …….. The manner in which he addresses you and many others – should see him banned as to be honest it ruins almost every single thread …….. Looking a little deeper and I am no psychologist (had to look up spelling) 🙂 ………… but the way he displays so much abuse, crass sexual remarks, homophobia and anger …… Tells me he’s got issues and perhaps I should show him pity, as opposed to pointing out his clear flaws ….. and thanks as you made me feel ok to continue posting my views, as at least nobody may agree, but at least I don’t abuse and make weird sexual remarks to women on the internet (got knows what his hard drive contains!)

          • Roger

            @anon absolute rubbish from you as usual ……. I do nothing but be mainly polite and happy to discuss anything, it’s YOU who resorts to abuse time and time again (your posts are there for all to see!) ……… The fact is you can’t handle the fact as so called ‘thick’ and ill educated guy like me has an opinion different to you! Are you really as naive and childish as you come across ??? How can you claim any moral high ground over spelling and grammar and yet appear so naive and childish when challenged ? Resorting to your level a tad here but ………. You’ve got to admit the women (PofEyes) you abused so crassly has absolutely ”torn you a new one” (to use the kids phrase) in her eloquent and better written english and grammar than I could muster! 🙂

          • anon

            Nice rant I think…I didn’t bother reading it all as I couldn’t get past the terrible sentence structure or piss poor grammar.
            But keep dancing little monkey.

          • Roger

            @anon …….. Oh you read it alright and what’s even more disturbing is that you must literally sit waiting for me to post , taking stalking and worryingly weird behavior to a new level ……. Are you going to do the decent thing and apologise for your abuse, homophobic slurs and attempting to bully a women (although she knocked you clean out with her eloquent reply!) 🙂

          • anon
          • Roger

            @anon ……… Another mature insult by posting a video of dancing monkeys 🙂 ……. For a so called intelligent guy is that the best you can do? Still chuckling at PofE putting you in your place though and your stalking is worrying, you can get help for your issues, I am sure …….. anger isn’t the answer, nor is spelling and grammar 🙂

          • “Looking a little deeper and I am no psychologist (had to look up spelling) :)”

            Neither am I, but this type of behaviour has puzzled me too and therefore I have tried to understand it.

            What I think is happening with anon is that he has 2 coexisting opposite/ contradictory sides of his personality: there is one side that seems fairly reasonable, with which one can debate in a civil manner and then there is the darker, aggressive sinister side that is responsible for all the offensive coarse language.
            It seems that the darker side takes control more often than the other one. (He allows this dark side to take control more often.)
            When he replies we have to ask ourselves which side was in control in that moment and if we receive silly immature unwarranted slurs, we know which side was responsible- not that there is any justification for this behaviour.

            I said the same things yesterday, at about 5 PM in a direct comment addressed to anon, but unfortunately that comment was stuck in moderation for many hours yesterday and has completely disappeared today. I do not know why. It was a clean comment.

            As for the many crass sexual remarks-as you very well noticed- they do not show a person who possesses emotional stability.

          • anon

            And As I’ve said before PotE, When I’ve tried to debate logically with clear sources and arguments he refuses to engage. I’m not the only person to have this issue with him.
            Now his status is relagated to that of a circus clown.
            You want an example? How about the number of times he was asked to post the apparent EU smoking ban directive, which still has not materialised.
            He makes grand claims which he can not support then throws around accusations of being ‘angry’ or homophobic when pressed on them (even though his only source for my apparent homophobia was me calling out Laur on his disgusting remarks).

          • Dermitius

            When anyone offers a characterisation of someone else they would do well to bear in mind the old distinction between the foreseen and the intended consequences of their actions. So he should ask himself not whether the target of their remarks will be offended, because even an accurate description can cause offence, but whether they are saying what they do precisely in order to cause offence. Causing offence is often warranted as a consequence of telling the truth. Intending to cause offence, on the other hand, is almost never warranted and rarely does any good. How can anybody tell whether he is intending to offend or merely happening to do so? He need only ask himself whether he would be happy if his remark was understood and no offence was taken. If he would not be happy then causing offence is part of the very point of the remark. If he would be happy then it is no part of his purpose to offend even if he happens to do so.

            Thus suppose that someone calls Roger a racist. Roger is very likely to be offended because he thinks that someone is saying he is the kind of primitive neo-Nazi who would spit on a foreigner if he could get away with it. The speaker, however, may be intending simply to indicate that Roger, in common with huge numbers of other people, believes in favouring one individual over another on the basis of irrelevant racial characteristics, which is a widespread from of racism. The speaker might be quite happy for Roger to understand the point and agree, or disagree, without feeling insulted. In such a case there should be no obstacle to that person making their remark. If on the other hand, someone calls Roger a dancing little monkey, it is highly unlikely that he does so because he thinks it an accurate characterisation of him, more apt than ‘damn dirty ape’ for instance. The remark will be deemed unsuccessful if it does not hurt and wound. Such remarks should be not be made. That, I take it, is the point of Craig’s injunction to keep it civil.

          • Giuseppe

            I think Davin is trying to tell us that he loves manele and he secretly wears a “Salam rave” T-shirt on his urban stalking sessions.

          • Such remarks should be not be made. That, I take it, is the point of Craig’s injunction to keep it civil.

            Just the other day I was thinking about the “Keep it civil” request.
            In my opinion- all of us are, after all, “guests” in Mr. Craig Turps’s online “home”. He allows us to express our opinions here, on his blog and we should show common courtesy to the host (by abiding by his only rule and by not dirtying his “home” with coarse words) and to the other guests as well.
            If we lived in an ideal world, his request of keeping it civil in our comments would not be necessary.

          • Dermitius

            @Prisoner of Your Eyes


            In speech verity, in debate clarity, in all things civility!

          • Roger

            @Dermititus I am not racist, simply having concerns with immigration doesn’t make me or many others racist. Sorry that doesn’t please the usual suspects on here but I’ll not be goaded into something I am not.
            @anon You are an abusive and creepy, stalking individual – you abuse many on here and your language and childish behavior is not that of an educated and sane, stable adult (your posts prove this) …….. The EU directive, recommendations on smoking etc …. I explained many, many times and maybe using the word directive was wrong (I am mature enough to admit fault, as you are not) … But the fact remains I feel the EU has many faults, you don’t, I feel immigration needs some form of control, you don’t ……….. Well why can’t a mature adult and self proclaimed educated one – not accept a contrary view, without resorting to childish and lacking in intellect abuse?
            @PofYE …… You probably speak more sense than most on this blog of Craig’s and always a pleasant read ….. perhaps me and notable others could take a leaf from your book and post in a similar manner to you …… with my spellwing and grammer excluded 🙂

          • “Sounds like I struck a nerve.”

            I honestly doubt it. But I do have an idea about what made you react the way you did, unprovoked, as my comment was not addressed to you.

            “By values do you mean racism, ignorance and reveling in ignorance?

            These are things that you have attributed to him and it is your perception (obviously). My perception is different. I do not recall ever reading anything Roger wrote that would make me believe he is any of the above. You and I must have distinct understandings of what makes a person racist and ignorant.

            “[…]this guy is not interested in a civil discourse[…]”

            I have seen exactly the opposite in his comments on many topics- before you have started provoking him.

            “and the time and effort I’ve put into attempting to discuss his ‘arguments’ with well sourced evidence…”

            …and you have done a good job. The time and effort put into a debate as well as bringing well-sourced evidence is always commendable but he also explained his point of view and why he has it.

            “[…]is simply replied to with accusations of homophobia or ‘being angry

            This type of replies appeared only after you provoked him time and time again by using offensive language. It was you who started it.

            […] then I’m going to get all the entertainment I possibly can out of him.”

            Isn’t this childish? If you and Roger reached that point in the debate where the only thing left was to “agree to disagree”, then the sensible thing would have been to leave it at that. But you have continued by resorting to offensive language.

            This is my recollection of the “events” and how I have perceived your and Roger’s interaction(s). If there is any reader who has a different recollection I would be interested to read it.

          • anon

            ‘The EU directive, recommendations on smoking etc …. I explained many, many times and maybe using the word directive was wrong (I am mature enough to admit fault, as you are not)’

            Wow, that took long enough.
            Thats all you had to do, admit that there actually isn’t a directive but instead non-binding recommendations. It’s a shame you had to insist over and over that a directive actually does exist, refusing to actually provide a source for you claim, before months later, finally yielding.

            PotE, you see what you want to see treacle.

          • Roger

            @anon ……. I already explained this to you a few times and provided plenty of EUssr documentation to show their desire for smoking, but you are a child in any debate, you fail to see your numerous faults and your abuse is there for all to clearly see, you’re not a pleasant person and must have some issues to behave as you do, it’s not normal, in my opinion.
            @PofYE ……. I think the fact anon attempted to mock you as ‘treacle’ when saying believe what you want to believe …… Actually proved your point about him to be spot on! I’m beginning to doubt he’s articulate enough to spot his own hypocrisy and will continue with his childish antics and stalking – presumably he needs some form of help for his issues.

          • anon

            Roger you stupid little cretin (notice now I was civil to you before you started acting like an ass again).
            In the ‘smoking topic’ you made a claim that the EU have imposed a smoking ban directive as evidence of the supposed non-democratic EU. I asked you simply to provide evidence of it several times, over and over, which you failed to do. Finally you admit there isn’t a Directive.

            As I’ve explained patiently before, the difference between desire, and directive is night and day.

            When you insist on dodging issues, moving goalposts and crying foul when you are caught simply making stuff up, then I’m going to resort on calling you a cretin since it’s quite clear you are set in your ideas and have no time to listen to a well sources, or reasoned argument.

          • Roger

            @anon …….. My word, you’re actually more unhinged than I thought, what part of my reply was cretin or ass like? Have you heard yourself, you’re a weird one alright, and it’s creepy how you reply almost instantly as I have posted (that must be one hell of a tram journey) 🙂 Anyway, didn’t read all of your rant but the EUssr have various documents etc on smoking, take some time to read them!
            Oh and I notice all you could manage was a abuse filled and angry childish reply – you’re not the brightest are you?

          • anon

            And this Roger, is why you’re not worth every trying to debate in a civil manner. You either lack the ability to clarify your position in a coherent manner, or instead resort to slander while at the same time refusing to address any of the points made.

          • Roger

            @anon …….. No you’ve proven yourself to be an unpleasant, abusive and angry man, you are childish and your stalking and apparent waiting until I post is rather creepy to be fair ….

          • “…with my spellwing and grammer excluded :)”

            My own written English is not perfect, so it is not my place to criticize other people’s grammar.
            There are more interesting things worth noticing in people’s comments than their grammar mistakes. 🙂

          • Roger

            @PofYE 🙂 I knew the observant ones amongst us would notice what I did there 😉

            I fully agree that the spelling and grammar of individuals on an internet forum, is not at the forefront of my mind when reading anything – especially on a forum where many nationalities are present …. And sure, of course it’s nice to always type perfect english, as to help others learn, but is it REALLY a matter of life and death? How childish and small minded people must be, to resort to ridicule someone as they spot a few spelling mistakes or errors … An individual who does this, can’t be very happy in their life, as what pleasant and content individual gets a ‘kick’ out of ridiculing others? I would argue not a very pleasant one!

            My english is awful and I am lazy when I type on a forum, as to me it’s not an exam – As long as my posts can be read and understood, I am struggling to see a problem? I also have the same view on others, if I know what they are trying to say, why would a normal person then go on and mock their words? I think we can all see the unpleasant and childish one amongst us, it’s just a shame he’s got a couple of fans who jump on his bandwagon !

        • Mr Rearguard

          I really do think that Roger and anon should meet up face2face or if not possible, have one of those video link up meetings. Record it and upload it here for us to watch.

          • Roger

            @Rearguard I’d happily share a beer/coffee with anyone and maybe in real life anon isn’t as abusive and childish as he is on here?

            I’m pretty sure he’s one of those who’d be totally different to your face 🙂

          • Mr Rearguard

            It could turn into another Mayweather/Manny will they or won’t they?

          • Roger

            @Reaguard I’m a lover and not a fighter, save that for the neanderthals amongst us … Although I’d like to see Floyd take on Manny, and hope to see Manny win 😉

  • snafu
    He may know were all the dogs have gone

  • Mr Rearguard

    “This of course begs the question: Where have all the dogs gone?”……….Probably Onesti, there’s millions of the buggers!

    • Roger

      @Rearguard yes and same at Ramnicu Sarat and Buzau, you’d think the way people go on, it’s ONLY Bucharest with a stray dog problem! In my limited yet apparently more balanced view ……… Strays are a problem in a large portion of Romania, not just Bucharest! I can only speak of the East side mainly, but certainly the places I mentioned and further north … There are plenty of strays as was when first seen in 2010 …… Great to see the improvement in Buc and LONG overdue as kids, adults etc shouldn’t be exposed to strays in modern day Romania, but the blame should be aimed at the people who allowed this to happen in the main (politicians) ……. Saying I don’t care less who or what happens, just as long as they are off my street ……… (of course parents of deceased well and truly excluded) and naturally I can understand ANY parent feeling the same – but let’s have some balance and reasoning here – blame should be pointed in right direction and the removal of ALL strays in ALL of Romania, should be done as humane as possible …….. That really isn’t all that much to ask?

    • Phil

      Wasn’t one of the potential issues that if only one area was cleared of strays, others would then move in to take over the territory? Perhaps there’s an influx coming from Onesti right now…

      • anon

        That’s one huge issue…there was a paper published in a journal which I linked to years ago which said as much.

      • Roger

        @phil perfectly possible as I’ve seen them jump on trains and cross roads just as we do (waiting for lights) … So ‘dumb’ some of the animals are not ! Fact is in my humble (UKIP) opinion … The dogs should not be roaming the streets and the Romanian government wants to do the right thing and remove the problem as quickly and humanely as possible – of course I know I am asking an awful lot.

  • Casey

    Surprising. I use the Jiului metro almost every day – south entrance that is – and have never had a problem with stray dogs.

    • They were at the entrance to Penny Market, four of them. As I say, I think they had got out of the factory or whatever it is next door.

    • Roger

      @Casey I think a lot of the personal digs at Bucharest and Romania is from a personal agenda so I’d take the dramatic stories to go with the agenda – with a large pinch of salt ………. Although if he’d been more balanced with his views on strays, Craig does make the salient point well, in the sense it DOES need dealing with and the sooner the better.

      • Casey

        I did not take Craig’s comment as a dig at Romania I just have not experienced dogs there. But there are swathes of old factory land in the area, where I am sure they roam.

        • Roger

          Neither would I but it’s the accumulation of digs when really things are improving (gladly) and Buc isn’t all as bad as sometimes is made out, it’s a cracking city with a great culture and on the whole a pleasant country and population ………….

          Genral point now, I just feel that you have to get things in perspective, if say you are British like me, things in some parts of the world are different and maybe not as some may expect …….. but anyone who has spent any real time in Romania and the UK too … Will know you could write a article having a dig at either country all day long …………. My point is sure Buc has it’s faults BUT where doesn’t and is Buc really ALL that bad a place on a scale of things …….. I’d argue no it’s not that bad at all.

  • Now, cats have appeared on the streets!

    • Mr Rearguard

      Yeah but until someone claims that Tiddles has been gnawing at their nuts, the cats can stay.

    • Ayceman

      Yep, it’s starting to feel a bit like Greece with cats popping up.

      Though I’m still disappointed with their priority. They didn’t catch the packs in the order of aggression. Some packs were super docile because their territory was always heavily transited. Now, most of the 4000 left are probably in the most aggressive packs, as they’re part of the least accessible packs.

  • Johan Bouman

    I took a walk last weekend from Universitate to Titan where we live, about 1,5 hrs, and I only saw one (1) ‘maidanez’. Great news for bikers, parents, and tourists.

    • Roger

      Good point Johan about bikers, parents and tourists.

    • anon

      Depends on how you look at it, I’d never seen someone cycle as fast as when they are being chased by a pack of feral dogs. Maybe the dogs are the secret to Romania’s low obesity rate?

      • Roger

        Culture, help not handed on a plate (pardon pun) and less exposure to processed sh!te, fast food rubbish and non mass disposable income are the many reasons why Romania has a low obesity rate … And not made up rubbish by a angry man on the internet 🙂