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We have now put together all the information we have about the Bucharest adult scene on one page: Bucharest Sex Guide.

We received an email last week from a punter who wanted to share with us the details of a rather unfortunate incident which took place at the Stars Night Club, on Strada Ion Campineanu opposite the Novotel.

(We have written about this particular place before, by the way. See this post, from January 2011).

Please warn explicitly again about clubs as Stars Night Club, on Strada Ion Campineanu opposite the Novotel, as I was ripped off on Friday evening. I just read on http://www.bucharestlife.net/2011/01/26/we-always-wanted-an-excuse-to-get-bucharest-and-sex-into-a-post-title/ to avoid that place.

A girl opened the door, and led me downstairs without saying anything about an entry or extra consumption fee. There were a few mediocre looking women, and one came over and wanted to force me to buy a small bottle (800 ron). I had 400 with me, so I bought a beer and a cocktail for a girl, for 300 in total. After 10! minutes she asks for another drink, else she would have to leave. Instead, I asked for the bill. It suddenly was 440 (140 entry fee added). I said that nobody told me about the fee. The girl said that it is written in the menu, and yes, it is there, very small in the same red as the light it was written (and invisible without a flashlight). I argued with her and said that I have only 400 in cash and that my credit card I had (gladly) left at home. So she took the 400. After 2 min she came back and said that I have to leave. Which I did, telling that I will “promote” the place.

So 400 for aprox. 20 min having a beer and a cocktail for a girl. And a very unpleasant experience. Please stress in In Your Pocket that that place is a ripoff.

Consider yourselves warned.

If you must partake in a bit of the other, head for one of the respectable erotic massage parlours. The day job In Your Pocket is the ultimate source for listings of Bucharest erotic massage parlours (and other vice advice) see here.

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    • Mr Rearguard

      Do you employ anyone looking like Freddie Mercury or Prince William?

      • maybe…if they are girls 🙂

        • Roger

          There’s a poster on here called anon ………… I hear he’s looking for some female company, at the right price?

        • Mr Rearguard

          Last time I was in Bucharest the local lads all looked like girls with their same matching soppy haircuts and girly pants etc. I reckon they would love to get to grips with a Prince William or Freddie Mercury lookalike! Maybe an Elton John with tantrums and coke thrown in too?

  • Paradox Romania

    As a longtime expat in Bucuresti, I can assure you there is no need to lose money in such a place. A bottle of Terra Romana Rosé for 70 lei at a place such as Gradina Eden is all you need to snag a Romanian vixen. Venturing down the rabbit hole of the city’s underworld is perilous at best.

    • Phil

      And is this Davin?

    • there are many opportunities and everyone choose the perfect way to get a girl. We offer good services and a very nice way to spend some time having nice company in Bucharest. About the idea of “spending the money” we can assure you that we know how to respect you money and offer you quality services. Waiting you review after a visit at Secret Massage & Club.

    • ‘400 lei wasted’ punter

      @Paradox Romania:
      Thanks a lot for that tip in regards of Gradina Eden! It is really a hidden paradise to relax inmiddle of the noisy city. I passed several times the not really inviting building during my visits…
      I did not have a bottle of Terra Romana Rosé but a glas (really refreshing). But probably 4pm on a Monday is not really the time “to snag a Romanian vixen” 😉 I will try another time.

      The ‘400 lei wasted’ punter

  • Roger

    Was it anon?

    • Mr Rearguard

      I’d like to meet the same guy and see if he will give me 400ron for nothing?

    • Mr Rearguard

      Was is anon? ”There were a few mediocre looking women, and one came over”…………I reckon the one that came over was anon?

      • anon

        If you guys can pull your cocks out of eachothers asses for a few minutes you’re all missing the bigger picture.

        Bucharest is full of hot, single ladies who are easy to meet and pick up. Why the fuck would anyone need to go to a tittybar to find a girl? 400 ron for a drink and 20 min is funny though, what’s the going rate on a hooker lads? You’re probably more in the know than me.

        • Mr Rearguard

          Dunno I’m happily married to a beautiful Romanian woman?

        • Roger

          Romania is full of beautiful single ladies, not just Bucharest, that’s the bigger picture anon.

          You’re right though, it’s not that hard to meet and engage with Romanian girls, the majority I’ve met have a lovely nature and I can’t wait to go back.

          As for your query anon, Google might be the man to ask, glad you feel you’re amongst friends and confident enough to ask 😉

          Anway good look with finding a brass, hope you don’t get ripped off.

        • Anon is a sex tourist

          Here’s one of anon’s seedy posts amongst his many on this site !!!!

          Lol busted you tragic middle aged man 🙂

        • CommonSense

          Does your latest missus know how easy it is to pick up and meet hot single ladies in Bucharest anon ???

          LOL sex tourist preying on what he can !

  • Mr Rearguard

    Well I am very sorry but what a first class prat! Could you imagine this sort of thing ever happening to the likes of Jack Regan, or Terry McCann or even Del Trotter?