Bucharest In Your Pocket 90

So there’s a new issue of Bucharest In Your Pocket out and about; issue 90, in fact. This is the cover:


The cover features Strada Xenofon (here), opposite the main entrance to Carol Park in the south of the city. The all-step street – the only of its kind in Bucharest – was earlier this summer decorated with simplistic paintings of Bucharest’s best known sights. It has become something of an attraction, and as such rather busy: we had to get up early in order to take the cover photo.

Elsewhere in the guide find the usual listings – thoroughly updated, complete with details as to which of your favourite restaurants will be closing for much of August (quite a few do).

Like all In Your Pockets, Bucharest In Your Pocket comes in many flavours: in print from your usual dealer, in PDF, Scribd or lovely Issuu:

  • Pavle

    I’m in Bucharest for 3 weeks – it’s weird and wonderful and far more beautiful than I’d been led to believe. A really great city that reminds me a bit of Yerevan and Belgrade, but definitely Paris, too (maybe Sheffield a bit).
    Where can I buy a copy of B-IYP in the city?

  • I think that it will be a great idea to have IYP guides for more places than Bucharest,Brasov and Sibiu!Just a few examples:
    IYP Cluj:The heart of Transylvania
    IYP Iasi:Culture at every step
    IYP Suceava and surroundings:such an overlocked destination
    IYP Timisoara:Everything that’s awesome in Romania(at least much of it) begins here
    IYP Alba Iulia:The citadel is very impressive!
    IYP Harghita:Mineral Water anyone?
    IYP Constanta:See how a city with great potential can be destroyed by incompetent administration!

    • Roger

      I agree, sadly most places in Romania lack in tourists or people willing to purchase the IYP guides, hence why Craig probably doesn’t make them?

      However out of that list, I reckon Brasov and Cluj might sell a few copies and be of interest.

    • We would love to do something in all these places, and I hope that one day we will. Alas, paper doesn’t grow on trees…

    • anon

      The issue with many of these places with regards to tourism is the first page may as well be titled ‘How to cope with a 8 hour train journey after a 2 hour flight on the first day of your holiday’…
      Romania really needs a transport infrastructure upgrade. If you live in Bucharest you have Constanta to the East which is a 2-3 hour drive depending on traffic, and Brasov to the North which can exceed 3 hours, sometimes more if the traffic along the mountain road is backed up.
      Anything more than 2-3 hours just rules them out for weekend breaks or tourists.

      • sighted

        Fair point, although OTP is far from the only point of entry for tourists. There’s rail, road, and a decent selection of airports, thanks to Wizz Air.

      • Roger

        A lot of cities have airports,Cluj, Iasi, Timis etc etc ……… More flights than ever are becoming avaliable and personally the train journey to Brasov from Gara De Nord is one of the quicker ones!

        Agree the overall train time is ridiculous though, for the majority of journeys.

        • Overal,i think that most of the turism in Romania is improoving.I mean,Bucharest was a giant mess 6 years ago.Right now,it is much better and it will be even better in the future.The same can be said about much of the country.In 2021 we will have The European cultural capital and this will againe come with improovments.It might be Cluj,Timisoara,Arad,Iasi or,don’t scream,Craiova.So,it is a wonderfull time to create new guides.

          • Correct. The state of Romanian tourism is actually OK, despite what you often hear or read in the media. Incoming numbers are up, and internal tourism has also done well the past couple of years. The seaside operates at almost full capacity for much of the summer, while some of the more remote yet visited parts of the country already have just about as many tourists as their infrastructure can handle.

          • Mr Rearguard

            My money is on Onesti.

        • You are right. I have been in Sibiu a lot this summer and have been amazed how many foreigners are walking around, this is primarily because of the large number of direct flights from the UK and Germany. I have long thought that when Brasov’s airport finally opens the city will reap massive benefits.

          • Mr Rearguard

            Shame Brasov doesn’t have any decent pubs