Romanian TV News Easter Bingo

Si politicienii au luat lumina
Si politicienii au luat lumina

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

Over the next few days, tune in to the Romanian TV news every now and then and tick off these cliches/scenarios as they get rolled off:

Friday & Saturday

In asteptarea miracolului invierii, there will be a report from a pension in a village somewhere (probably Maramures) where there will be much talk of preparing for the arrival of turistii.

In (insert name of village here) pregatirile pentru Pasti sunt in toi

Turistii will be interviewed in front of a ‘masa belsugata‘ and will say how wonderful it all is.

There will then be a report from a border crossing point, as Romanians working abroad come home for Easter. Bonus points for spotting the phrase:

Masinile Romanilor din strainatate sunt supraincarcate cu cadouri si bunatati pentru cei dragi de acasa

On Saturday, there will be much live reporting from a supermarket, a report which will include the following phrases:

Romanii au format cozi lungi de sute de metri pentru a cumpara cozonaci la promotie

Bucurestenii au luat cu asalt hipermarketurile capitalei inca de la primele ore ale diminetii

Multi Romani au lasat cumparaturile de pasti pana la ultima suta de metri

There will also be a report from a market, where there will be a control by health officials checking the origin of the lamb being sold.

Then, late on Saturday evening, look out for a report about market traders left holding hundreds of unsold lambs.

A report from Otopeni Airport will tell us that many Romanians are spending Easter abroad. Bulgaria, Grecia, Spania si Turcia will be the most popular destinations, but expect to be told that many are heading for ‘destinatii mai exotice, precum Mauritius, America de Sud sau, de ce nu, Statele Unite.’


Let the cliches flow.

In the morning, expect reports from Saturday night’s midnight masses. Look out for these headlines:

Romanii au luat lumina

Si politicienii au luat lumina

Regele Mihai a luat lumina

Si catolicii au luat lumina

Miliarde de credinciosi din intreaga lume au luat lumina

Early in the afternoon, expect a report from the Vatican. The following words will be used:

Papa Francisc a vorbit despre (whatever he talks about) si a zis si cateva cuvinte in limba romana (cue Pope saying Hristos a inviat).


The action will (if the weather is good) move to the parks. Expect to hear:

Bucurestenii au luat cu asalt parcurile capitalei inca de la primele ore ale diminetii

Cue interviews with small kids, who will be asked if the Iepuras (Easter Bunny) brought them any chocolate eggs.

Primii care s-au bucurat de venirea iepurasului au fost, bineinteles, copiii

In Constanta people will be filmed out walking on the pier by the casino, and will be asked what they think of the great weather. ‘Frumos‘ they will reply.

You can also expect to see a report from a field by the side of a road somewhere, where some people will be having a barbeque.

The first person to send us their Romanian TV News Easter Bingo card with all the above phrases ticked off wins a prize.

  • Giuseppe

    So… did anyone claim the prize? 🙂

  • max

    Craig, again, you make me miss Romania and all its clichés.

  • One small correction.It is masă imbelșugată.

    • Ayceman

      Tsk tsk – îmbelșugată

      (Signed… diacritic nazi)

      • 🙂

      • Another ten years or so and diacritics will be gone altogether.

        • Ayceman

          Actually they seem to be making a comeback, as the more recent Romanian standard keyboard is based off of US QWERTY not German QWERTZ, making typing stuff much more natural.

          On the hardware side, keyboard manufacturers seem to be ignoring the fact that the 2003 standard exists and make incorrectly localized keyboards (1998 standard with errors). If fact, I think the first keyboard with a correct Romanian (Standard) keyboard notation ever made was a custom keyboard that I ordered from WASD Keyboards in the US last year. Someone else ordered a keyboard with a Romanian (Programmers) layout, which was the first correct one for that layout ever.

        • Giuseppe

          My impression is that they’re being used a lot more on the Internet than they were a few years ago, though it’s still the exception rather than the rule.

          • I just bought a special keyboard from Altex for 35 lei

          • I would be happy to be proven wrong on this. In my experience however I have simply not noticed diacritics being defending in Romania with the same fervour as they are in say the Czech Republic, where they are almost sacred.

  • nashu_mare

    Is this a re-run?

  • Roger

    Move back to London or other parts of the UK where they have a deep hatred of Easter !

    Give a relitively safe and pleasant cliche filled Romania rather than the ‘diverse’ London or parts of the UK where kids with Easter on their mind may be spat at or insulted (by the most extreme) a situation you champion so much Craig!

    • Mr Rearguard

      I totally agree with you on that one Jolly Roger!

  • Mr Rearguard

    I’ll be watching the news at 7pm Antenna channel, you know the channel with all the Steven Seagal movies night after night.