All we want for Christmas is the Premier League

Santa delivers early.

Eurosport yesterday announced that they had bought the rights to televise the Premier League in Romania for the rest of this and the following two seasons. They start showing games immediately, on Saturday.

How many games they will show each week has yet to be announced. Given that the rights would not have come cheap we assume that they will milk them for all they are worth, so we can probably expect at least five over the course of the weekend. Matches involving Tottenham (Vlad Chiriches), Man City (Costel Pantelimon) and West Ham (Razvan Rat) will no doubt get top billing.

Given that Eurosport already have the rights to the German Bundesliga (shown on Eurosport 2) it could be argued that the channel is now at least the equal of both Digi (which has the Spanish La Liga) and Dolce (which shows the Italian Seria A) in the quality of the football it shows. Digi and Dolce also share the Champions League.

We would assume that Digi and Dolce are seriously miffed (they had tried to buy the rights themselves, allegedly working together as a bit of a cartel, but offered too little). Let’s hope they do not remove Eurosport from their platforms in a fit of pique.

  • Mr Rearguard

    Surprise surprise no football again on Dolce Eurosport!!!

  • Mr Rearguard

    Yeah, they bullshat you Craig!!!!

  • Mr Rearguard

    @Turp. Err are you sure about the football? Just been looking at the listings and there’s nuffink but skiing all day. Sounds like they have bullshat you?

  • Giuseppe

    Digi also does Serie A and the French League 1 (though I’m not sure how many people really care about that).

    Personally, the Premier League is the only foreign league I regularly follow.

    • nick107

      I dont

  • Mr Rearguard

    Romanians don’t really like the English football so I don’t think Digi or Dolce will drop Eurosport?

    • Indeed. In fact a source close to this deal tells me that part of Eurosport’s motive is to ensure the channels are not dropped.

      • Mr Rearguard

        I have both Digi and Dolce and I hope to be able to change the language from the commentators to English on at least one of my tv providers because if I hear the word ‘extraordinar’ when someone simply wins a throw in or a pass goes astray I will scream!

        • Not sure about Digi but switching lingo is becoming increasingly difficult to do on Dolce. Kids can’t even get Disney in English anymore.

          • they are better off, disney is satanic. quick research will show you that.

          • Mr Rearguard

            Isn’t your son 17 now? I bet he’s well choked about no more Disney in English!

          • Actually he is 11, but number two is only 7: peak Disney age.

          • Mr Rearguard

            I’m usually wrong about these things. However, I did google Disney. Very Jimmy Savile indeed! Surprised that Euro Disney wasn’t built on Jersey instead.