More fun with CFR

The kids came back from the countryside last night, on the same sleeper train we wrote about last week.

How long was the train delayed this time?

Just the two hours and five minutes. It’s getting worse.


  • Roger

    I have to say, the one thing that shocked me from the previous ‘CFR’ thread was that 5 years ago or so, your trip to iasi from Gara De Nord took around 5 hours ………..

    It now takes 7 hours IF lucky !

    I mean what is going on, how can the rail network go backwards lol !

    On a serious note, the rail links are good, plenty of routes and the potential to be the most efficient and cheapest way of getting around Romania …….. CFR are missing a trick, they could improve in so many ways!

    My Romanian friends in iasi smile and laugh about me using the train as they say it is SO SLOW …… They’d rather drive to Bucharest …… Surely the attitude would change IF CFR changed theirs!

    Does anybody know if it is an issue with the actual tracks/rolling stock ….. Meaning the speeds are severely restricted ???

    Surely the track and rolling stock isn’t that bad a train can average a mere 30mph over 400 km or so!

    • 15 years ago actually, not five. Around 1998-9 I did the trip a lot. Five years ago it probably took as long as it does now.

      • Roger

        @craig, sorry, my mistake, I thought you said 5 years ago.

        The irony is, 15 years makes it a hell of a lot worse! 🙂

        So essentially the service from Bucharest to Iasi has managed to increase journey time by 2 hours since 15 years ago!

        That’s progress for you !

        • Giuseppe

          I assume they charge ticket prices by the hour and not by the kilometer, thus lengthier journey times mean higher ticket prices. That’s the only explanation I can divine out of the mess that is CFR. :))