More magnificent Bucharest parking

Photographed on Calea Victoriei by regular contributor Phil Jacks:


Topped, however, by this idiot we snapped ourselves at Universitate today. Intersection, cycle lane and pedestrian crossing: he has ticked off the full set:

2013-03-14 14.04.07

Loads more dickheads over at our gallery of rogues, here.

  • Mark

    And did Phil or Craig call the police?

    Of course not!

    Phil makes a picture, sends it to and complains about a badly parked car. He should have picked up the f$cking phone and call the police and have it fined (and pulled).

    If I can have 35 cars in one street fined (200+ RON + 2 points PER CAR) in half an hour, with one phone call, so can anyone else.

    It is about time that people take some initiative , including those expats that complain but never take action!

    • Many years ago, fed up at the number of drivers who drove up our street the wrong way (it’s one way), I approached two policemen sitting in a car nearby and told them that they could fine tens of drivers if they came and spent an our or two on our street.

      They were not remotely interested.

      I have not bothered a copper since.

      • Phil

        Given that these jokers somehow managed to blame me for someone driving into the back of my car, despite the clear evidence it was the other driver’s fault, what’s the point? Waste hours only to get a result that is at best incompetent and worst corrupt. Meanwhile Bucharest is full of traffic police who do not stop people speeding, driving the wrong way up one way streets or talking on their phone. And parking in ridiculous places.

        As Craig says, I would not bother a copper again. Mr Rearguard has the best answer.

    • Mister Rearguard

      Marky Mark me old mucker, the only action I take is to scratch me keys along the paint work! Good enough for you sunbeam?

  • It must feel great just parking anywhere you want and feeling confident that all will be ok. I parked my car outside my apartment one day back in the summer of 2010 and it was towed away even though there isn’t any “no parking” sign and cars park all along the street to this day. The towing company tried to charge me 400 euros but I swore at them in English and got away with paying 200 euros. It was funny how they actually responded to my anger. It was owned by a relative of the Sector 1 Mayor at the time and they were working together to make a few hundred extra thousands euros over the summer. The parking lot at the tow yard was full.

    • Mister Rearguard

      I bet most of the cars in the tow yard are only worth 100Euro scrap value.

      • On the day I went to pick up my car, there were late model Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and SUVs. The mayor’s cousin was picking up such cars because he knew their owners would come for them them and pay up 200, 400, 600, a 1000 euros. The price was 200 euros every day it was left in the yard.

        • Parmalat

          =))) you paid bribe. You were supposed to pay the full 400 Euro value and they would have given you a receipt but instead you paid bribe =)))

  • Giuseppe

    In the end the more valuable team won, so congrats to them. Our lads gave it gave it all they had, to me that matters the most, so I can’t be upset. At least our boys (and girls) in the stands dominated the Bridge 🙂

    Chelsea are stuck with Benitez a little longer. I hope we’ll be “stuck” with this new found fighting spirit a while longer too.

    Două colori ce le ador
    Ca heroina sunt cu mine până mor.
    Gândul îmi stă doar la Steaua
    Cel mai puternic drog din toată viaţa mea. 😀

    • A fair assessment. Chelsea just had a bit too much in the end, but Steaua made it difficult. Would have been very different if Rusescu had scored that early chance (he then disappeared completely from the game). As for the crowd, it is always like that in the cup against smaller teams. Most season ticket holders and regulars stay at home and the ground fills up with Japanese tourists and the like. I went against Shaktar back in November. It was embarrassing. The people in front of me (who turned up late) even turned around to ask who our number 11 was. I nearly hit them.

  • Mister Rearguard

    It’s not difficult when you are only playing Chelsea…

  • laur

    our fans sound amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!