Making Bucharest more accessible for… cars

Following on from our little post on Monday about the horrors of trying to get around Bucharest in a wheelchair comes this magnificent photo:


What makes this an especially bad piece of parking is that the kerb has in this instance actually been lowered to allow – in theory – easy access for wheelchairs or (in the case of the reader who took the photo) children’s buggies.

In theory. Not in Bucharest.

  • Giuseppe

    I heard from extremely reliable sources that come this time next year, we’ll be exporting TB of the highest quality to Britain.

    I’m glad I haven’t been nurturing my bacilli, with such care, for nothing. Can’t wait to start shipping them to the UK. Maybe I’ll even ask mum to knit some football scarves for ’em, you know, for marketing purposes. 😀

    • I read that too. To be honest I am amazed we are all still alive.