At the risk of looking right idiots…

The Foreword of the current Bucharest In Your Pocket Mini-Guide (that’s the fold-out map we publish to complement the main guide) starts with these words:


Well, let’s be the first to admit it: this morning, with a good 20 cm of snow laying on the ground outside our apartment, schools closed and a severe weather warning in effect, we do indeed look like right idiots. It’s what happens when you have to write a Foreword valid for two months of the year that sometimes bring snow, but which sometimes bring sunbathing weather.

Still, at least there are only 20,000 or so of these maps currently in circulation around the city, and we can at least claim to have tried to hedge our bets with that first line.

As for the schools being closed in Bucharest today (and their closure was announced yesterday afternoon, long before it started snowing) we can’t make up our minds if this is a sign that Romania is going soft (a bit English, you might say) or if the notion of forward planning has begun to take root at the Ministry of Education?

  • “Of the household animals the sheep is the most highly prized by the Roumanian, who makes of it his companion, and frequently his oracle, as by its bearing it is often supposed to give warning when danger is near”.–Emily Gerard from “The Land Beyond the Forest”

  • Mister Rearguard

    I’m doing Easter this weekend in the north of Romania. By the time you’re doing it in May I’ll be having my balls waxed for the summer!

    • Parmalat

      How come you’re doing Easter this weekend, Easter only falls once a year and it doesn’t fall this weekend

  • Andy H

    Was it an MoE decision or a Bucharest Primarie decision? Since it’s not a national closing I presume the latter.

    • Education Ministry, Bucharest branch. At least that is where the press release came from:

    • Giuseppe

      We’re not going soft; and it had nothing to do with forward planing. I suspect someone thought this decision would look good for whatever reason. 😛