We’re looking forward to having Romania to ourselves

You know that Romanian saying that goes something like: ‘Romania is a lovely country, it’s just a shame people live there’?

Well, according to the Daily Mail and the Spectator, come this time next year we will be able to find out if it’s true or not. Why? Because every single Romanian will be heading for Britain to claim benefits, free healthcare and free housing.

As of January 1st 2014, the UK can no longer prevent Romanians and Bulgarians from having unfettered access to its labour markets. Despite Romania and Bulgaria joining the EU in 2007, the UK has kept some restrictions in place for workers from the two countries.

We hope that we do not have to point out to anyone who reads these pages that such reports are hogwash. Their authors know as much too, we hope. They are instead deliberately designed to whip up anti-EU sentiment amongst their readership a time when the UK’s relationship with Brussels is historically bad. (Which they do: read the comments underneath if you have a strong enough stomach).

Anyway, as a pleasant counterweight to the sensationalist nonsense of the Little Englander brigade, there’s this report from the BBC. It points out – as we have long said – that the vast majority of those people who actually want to emigrate from Romania have already done so.

  • I don’t think Denisa will be leaving! She seems to love Bucharest! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeBGRMZQeSs&list=PLBFF887D4F68342D5

  • Parmalat


    The Chinese arrived!

    It seems they’re about to make the Europeans look ridiculous :mrgreen: I mean the Europeans already looked ridiculous when compared to the Chinese, but still… a billion Euro is a billion Euro.

  • Mister Rearguard

    What the ruddy hell are the Christmas lights still doing up in many parts of Bucharest for eh??? It is most depressing and really takes the P.I double S!!! The Muslims Council (do they even exist?) would do their nut in!

    • Parmalat

      Why take them down when a few months from now we’re gonna have to put them back again…

  • Britain has changed fast and in many aspects profoundly in the two decades-and-something since the fall of the Iron Curtain, and that is certainly due to massive waves of immigration from the Indian subcontinent and Eastern Europe. I consider myself lucky to have lived in the early ’90s through the tail-end of what I consider were the last true glimpses of the values of the old country, in London and parts of the South East and the Midlands. Many among the remarkable WWII generation were still active, being superb role models and sources of knowledge. One could still go to the old fashioned pubs, eat the bad, but charismatic food, and listen to the myriads of accents and expressions, which were like open books of local history. The immigration and richness of the new cultures indisputably make Britain a vibrating place, connected to the world, but it also has negative large scale effects acutely felt by the natives. I can only testify in that regard as a former police and court interpreter, which was kept busy day and night throughout the first half of the 2000s by the investigations, trials and upheavals sparked by the influx of Romanian delinquents.

    • Parmalat

      Yes, lots of animals imported from around the world are destroying Britain as we speak.

    • Andy H

      I love the gentle euphemism of “charismatic food”. Beautiful.

  • Brasovandy

    Brilliant article have been really frustrated by the recent little england attitude recently coming out of Westminster. It is incredible that Romania joined the EU in 2007 and these numpties have just realised that the principle of the free movement of people andhave done anything about it for the last 5 years …………the muppets don’t deserve to be in power.

  • The end of the EU would be great?! If Romania had never joined the EU, life here would be much worse for many. Maramures villages would still be in the high middle ages in 2013 if it were not for easy travel and easily accessible work contracts in the EU.

    • laur

      yes you continue to think like a donkey… high middle ages??? what pics r u taking down there??? people consuming shit??? buying loads of shit from where? they were doing fine long before communism came and this bullshit eu(global government plan) came around.

    • Parmalat

      Countries need to be sovereign and care for themselves. Whatever the EU brought for Romania could have also been brought through bilateral treaties that would still keep the sovereignty of the country.

      We can’t just rely on the EU for assistance, Ceausescu built an entire country without assistance, why should we wait for anything from the EU? There’s China, there’s Russia, there are other countries and with each of them we can have lucrative relations.

      Turkey is the best example of a country who doesn’t need the EU. Greece would have also been in the same situation, the EU brought disaster for Greece.

    • Radu

      It really pisses me off when I hear western europeans complaining about the backwardness of Eastern Europe. If it wasn’t for WWII which westerners started eastern europe would not be in such bad shape to begin with. Sometimes I wish the soviets would’ve made it all the way to London…

      • Parmalat

        The time is not lost for that… =))

        • Mister Rearguard

          I just arrived back yesterday from Spain. I think there was some sort of international taxi drivers convention going on somewhere in Spain because the plane I was on was packed with Romanian men, all looking, dressed and behaving like the taxi drivers here in Bucharest.

          • Parmalat

            =)) were they smoking?

            • Mister Rearguard

              A ciggy placed behind their ears, playing loud ‘orrible music on their phones, eating what look like bird seed and spitting the left overs everywhere. Shouting ‘bai’ to anyone who would listen. Standing on their seats, looking intently at everything and anything around them even though it was rude to do so, you know Parmalat, the usual things taxi drivers do…

              • Parmalat


  • Giuseppe

    I just love reading articles like the one in Daily Mail. Actually I just love reading the Daily Mail, it fills my occasional need for a dose of drivel. It also makes me feel “all warm and fuzzy on the inside” when stuff like this confirms that ignorance and xenophobia truly know no boundaries. The future of humanity is safe.

    Regardless, I suspect that before this decade is over most of the Romanians that have moved abroad will return, for better or for worse, to Romania.

    • Parmalat

      They’ll return for better when Muslims (which by that time will represent a majority in many European states) will start hanging them and stoning them. I heard there are already areas in London where Muslims have implemented Sharia law…

      Now the question is: are we gonna allow them back or not? Cause you can’t just leave and come back whenever you want, while the rest of us have to cope up with Basescu. We’re gonna have to see under what conditions they return.

  • Parmalat

    If Britain gets out of the EU – in the long run it’s in the best interest of mankind. Because others will follow and voila – no more EU.

    Otherwise I don’t believe them. They already have way too many immigrants altering the British tradition and society, a few more Romanians would make absolutely no difference. If they start throwing immigrants out before opposing others coming in – then I will believe them.

    • For once, in part, I agree with you: the end of the EU would be a great day for the world. But I do not think Britain leaving will bring about the end. Nor do I think Britain will leave, as the government does not have the balls to hold a referendum it will probably lose.

      • Neanu

        Excuse me dumb ass but if you want Britain out of EU arent you just as as little Englander as the Daily Mail you complain about?

        • No, it doesn’t.

        • Giuseppe

          Isn’t there a difference between not wanting your country to be in the EU and not wanting the EU to exist? ’cause I think Craig said the latter, not the former.

          • My Europe is a common market in which all Europeans (not just those who live in the EU) can move freely: living and working exactly where they like. Capital and goods can also move freely.

            My Europe is not, however, common agricultural policies, subsidies, monetary union, political union, the commission, the parliament and pan-national courts which can overrule those of a sovereign country.

            • Parmalat


            • Giuseppe

              I could definitely live with that 🙂

      • Radu

        I am surprised that you want the end of EU, I remember you saying that there should be no more borders and people should live wherever they want and the EU has definately done that in Europe.

        • See my reply to Giuseppe above. The EU does exactly the opposite in my view. It keeps people out. It also goes way beyond its remit. There is no need for a parliament, a commission, a court (except for commercial disputes), for subsidies, for a common agricultural policy etc. It should be a common market, nothing more, nothing less.

          • Radu

            You could use the same argument to get rid of United Kingdom, it seems that the scots want to do just that. I liked the argument used by a German politician to defend EU: at the end of this century Europe will make merely 4 percent of world population, way too small to be divided in so many small counties, if Europe hopes to have a voice it will have to stand united.

            • Parmalat

              Why should we care about what’s gonna happen at the end of the century? We’re certainly not gonna live that long.

            • I want to get rid of the UK too, as do most people in England. We are English, not British. Time for the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish to go their own way.

              • Parmalat

                You know, I was always confused about this. Cause some things are English and some others are British.

                Now you’re joining my separatist spree. I can’t blame you, there are times when things must be said loud and clear.

                • There’s nothing separatist about it. It’s about self-determination.

                  • Bolino

                    But why do you feel as if England is more of a ‘self’ to you than the EU as a whole? On that scale of population, you can’t really discern between the two. Wouldn’t it be much better if we could be ‘self-deterministic’ with the entirety of the continent rather than with only a part of it?

                    You can’t really bring up the argument that there are shared values in England that shape a ‘common cause’. There aren’t. England is multicultural, modern and globalised, and it’s time to accept it. If you don’t, coming to agreements between European states that aren’t even really representative of their population anymore will only lead to unnecessary tension.

                    • Parmalat

                      England is multicultural, modern and globalised, and it’s time to accept it.

                      That’s bad, it’s time to reverse it!

                    • No. By and large the migrations to England over the past 60 odd years have made it a better place. It is impossible to picture modern England without migrants.

                    • Mister Rearguard

                      As a kid I loved Tarzan, couldn’t get enough of it, and I asked my Dad to take me to Africa. We got as far as London and I had seen enough.

                    • Self-determination must apply as locally as is economically viable. I feel no particular attachment to England, by the way, but I do – without thinking – describe myself as English and not British. The United Kingdom to me is as artificial a creation as the EU.

                      However, now I do think about it, I am first and foremost a Londoner, that magnificent multi-cultural city that it is. I would happily support a London independence movement!

              • Mister Rearguard

                How come Rom TV can not make the difference between the English and the Scots when doing the subtitles? They call everything that is Welsh, Scottish or Britsh…Anglia!
                Maybe I’ll do the same and claim Andy Murray as a Englishman?