‘Media education programmes?’ Really?

From The Economist’s Eastern Approaches blog:

After being forced to consume only censored media during the communist regime, Romanians now live in a society where they can choose their media freely. To help them make the right choices Romania should implement media education programmes that could enable future generations to develop a critical capacity for interpreting information in the media.

While we long to see a watershed introduced on Romanian television to prevent sex and violence being shown before 9pm (it currently gets shown at all times of day) the idea that Romanians need to attend classes to help them understand what it is they really should be watching on television is patronising in the extreme.

The point is, there is an off button. There are other channels showing more cerebral fare than that provided by the mainstream media. If people didn’t want to watch the sensationalist rubbish that gets served up by the major channels they wouldn’t. Truth is though that after a hard day at the factory ordinary workers want to come home and crash on the sofa while watching chat shows and such like – saucy gossip and all – that make few demands of them. Attacking the ‘uneducated public’ for what it watches on television is little different to attacking working class lifestyles, and those horrible little people who take their children to McDonalds or shop in supermarkets.

We have much the same objections to this similar article by Andrei Plesu (in Romanian) published earlier in the week.

  • Mister Rearguard

    Without reading Turps story. Bullshit! I watched Cliffhanger on Rommy TV a few days ago, well after midnight and all the violent scenes were cut out. It was pathetic. YET, last summer Antenna tv 7pm news showed Shazza Stones leg crossing cunt scene 4times, just because Shazza tipped up in Romland!!!!

    • Parmalat


  • Parmalat

    Probably an idiot, like most people who fall under the control of Bruxelles.

    I bet he’s Romanian and has some ties with Basescu’s ICR. Since all news channels in Romania are Romanian right now, Bruxelles feels an urgent need for new means to destabilize the country – means which they lost one by one in the last year.

    And since there are no more means other than spaga of billions of $ paid to the USL politicians, they’re taking it on the press.

    Perhaps they want us to say “it’s good that you slashed our salaries and pensions when you are paid 10 times more than us in your f*cking West and you slashed nothing for yourselves”.

    Typical idiots, blaming others for their own mistakes. At least Communists agreed when they were mistaking even if they blamed nobody, these Europeans are not only stupid but arrogant too.

  • Giuseppe

    Oh, this actually has such a high comedic value.

    So the Economist chooses to worry about Romanians’ “critical capacity for interpreting information in the media” at a time when another British newspaper, the Daily Mail, spews out a constant stream of excrement regarding Romania that a significantly large portion of the British populace is all to eager it eat up. The Daily Mail is, after all, the second most read newspaper in Britain. Oh, and The Sun is number one. This is all so very precious.