Something very different for New Year’s Eve

Remember the Pantelimon Art Tower we told you about a few weeks ago? Well, it’s just about ready.

The winning design for the mural at the top of the tower – by Daniel Georges – will be unveiled at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The designs which did not get chosen will be displayed inside the tower and at the HQ of Make-a-Point – the people behind the project. There will be free food and drink, the artists will all be around to chat about their designs, and there will be music. Doors open at 10pm and the party will go on until around 5am.

The tower can be found here:

View Pantelimon Water Tower in a larger map

  • Mr Rearguard

    Best thing I’ve seen in Romania. These guys should get their own tv show!

  • Mr Rearguard

    Great clip. Nice lads.

  • Mr Rearguard

    Unveiled at midnight? A bit like what Grandad once said. “Tunnels? Trigger said they use it for painting signs in tunnels. Well how the hell can you see a sign in the tunnel, it’s pitch black init”!

    • Parmalat

      Imagine spending New Year’s Eve in the middle of nowhere, at the Pantelimon water tower.

      I see it’s close to lacul Morarilor, in lacul Morarilor they should look for Jimmy Hoffa…

  • Parmalat

    Just grab the ones that remained and bring them over here to Bucharest so we can start a new project.

    And make sure you don’t mix any Dutch, Germans or other hard-headed nations together with them cause if you can’t adapt to pay or accept bribe then Romania is not your business…

    • Mr Rearguard

      Another great Romanian video. Enjoy.

      • Mr Rearguard

        Classic example of how NOT to park your motor womens style!


          I love several things about this video…
          1) The news crew rushed out to film some poor fucker trapped in a bank by a ‘fuck you got mine’ driver.
          2) The complete apathy from the driver
          3) The fact that after the police knocked on the door and the camera cut, she just drove off without a care in the world…justice!

          • Crae

            Yeah, she didn’t even get a ticket…