Those nasty Dutch

Given that the new head of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) Andrei Marga has promised to clamp down on journalists using ‘denigrating terms, cliches or any other form of tendentious comment about Romania and the Romanian people which diminish, minimilise or distort traditional Romanian values,’ the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf should expect the worse.

Here’s a video report from their website, covering the build-up to tonight’s World Cup qualifier between Romania and the Netherlands at Bucharest’s Arena Nationala:

That’s right: the opening shot is of a horse and cart passing in front of the Romanian football association’s modern and rather impressive training complex at Mogosoaia.

Some parts of the Romanian sporting press are already up in arms. Pro Sport declared hysterically that ‘The Dutch will not stop that nasty western habit [of being horrible to Romania].’


If that opening shot had been recorded 50 years ago in the Romanian countryside, and was now being used out of date and out of context, we would agree.

However, it was in fact clearly shot yesterday in front of the training camp on the outskirts of Bucharest. Any number of reports today around Europe will be similar: the opening frames will include a shot setting the scene.

The problem, therefore, is not Dutch malice towards Romania: a desire to show the country in a negative way. No, the problem is the Bucharest ‘scene’. For the fact is that horses and carts are still, in 2012, a common sight in and around Bucharest. Quite how that is the fault of the Dutch is beyond us.

  • Hermann Langhäuserberger

    “horses and carts are still, in 2012, a common sight in … Bucharest” – is simply not true

    • Maybe not the Bucharest you live in, but in and around the Bucharest I live in they are plentiful. To pretend otherwise is nonsense.

      • Mister Rearguard

        Up near Bacau, horse and cart rule the roads! Always have done, always will do.

      • Hermann Langhäuserberger

        On the territory of Bucharest you don’t find plentiful of carts and horses. In the outskirts, probably some.
        Anyway, calling names, you have the stronger arguments. You won.

  • Fraser

    you going? i can see Romanian winning after friday

    • Parmalat

      By the time we scored against Turkey all tickets were sold so I personally am not going.

      • Nope, didn’t get one either.

        • Parmalat

          Good thing we stayed home.

  • Jeroen

    We just really, really like horses.

    • Parmalat

      Take your time and visit Parcul Tineretului, you’re gonna find horses and you’re gonna step into horse shit.