Romania travel article bingo

Posts like these now write themselves (as, it could be argued, do the travel articles they are about).

Anyway, Romania travel article bingo. How to play? Simple. Just take the following list of words and phrases then tick them off as you read a travel article about Romania:

Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu
Dracula’s Castle
Vlad the Impaler
Untouched by the modern world
Prince Charles

You can start playing by reading this article in yesterday’s Daily Mail.

It was, in fact, a bumper day for Romania in the Daily Mail yesterday, the paper also devoting ample space to the announcement that the Dacia Sandero will go on sale in England in 2013, and will be the cheapest car in the country.

Some of the comments underneath the article are priceless.

  • Phil
  • Fraser
  • Parmalat

    I think that those who have never seen or had a Dacia should just plainly shut up. In a top French consumers magazine this year Dacia Logan and Sandero came out tops in every way, for reliability! BEFORE VW, BMW, MERCEDES etc!! For those who have money and can pay the cost of repairs on luxury cars, then stick to your status symbol, you wouldn’t want to be see dead in a Dacia, after all what would the neighbours and friends say!! I am not too proud to drive a Dacia Logan, I’ve had mine for 5 years, never had ANY trouble, just changed my Michelin tyres and front brakes after driving 94 000 km!!! My fuel consumption (diesel) is 4.3 litres to 100 km and I drive about 1 150 km on a full tank. Nothing bad to say about that!! If I were to change my car, the next one would be definitely a Dacia, either Sandero or Duster. They are fantastic cars!!

    – jacqui, Boulogne, France, 25/10/2012 14:33

    Hehe πŸ˜€

  • Who’s fault is it that people know only of Dracula, Ceausescu and sarmale – when think of Romania? And “papanasi” is not the only romanian dessert!!!

    Saturady at luch, I’ll be cooking Moldovan food at the Peasant Museum. It’s not the first time i’m doing this and I will continue to do so in order to promote authentic Romanian food. It’s nothing fancy but it’s tasty. It’s not difficult to prepare, yet you won’t find it in any restaurants, because our restaurants lack imagination and rustic dishes like these don’t fit into their posh lists.
    I”ll cook:

    “poale’n brau” as in Bucovina = sweet cake (aluat ca de cozonac), with a contrast salty filling of sheep cheese mixed with braza de burduf
    “varzari” as in Iasi = sweet cake (aluat ca de cozonac) with a contrast filling of spicy sour cabbage, roasted with 4 spicies
    “malaies cu fructe” as in Bessarabia = a cake made with sour-cream, eggs, butter, sugar, corn-flower and 4 types of fruits (apples, pears, grapes and raspberries). And no, it doesn’t taste like polenta with fruits!
    “turte dulci” as in Chisinau = something between a honeycake – gingerbread, made from 2 different types of flour, eggs, butter, wallnuts, 4 different oriental spicies and of course, honey.
    “mere coapte” = apples filled with a mixture of honey, cinnamon, walnuts and raisins and baked in the oven.

    So I’ll be there with my daughter, for cooking demonstartion and to explain everything that needs to be done, share the recipies that i know and teach people how to cook these at home.

    After reading this post i decided to share this info even if i’m not sure it’s appropriate – please, Craig, feel free to delete the post if you consider it pure advertising. No need for extra-advertising, people wait in line to eat these goodies.
    I just thought maybe somebody would be curious to experience proper romanian tastes.

    • Anon

      Awww Ioana that’s really sweet of you:) I may pop down to say hi and try some of your stuff…would be nice to see you again:)

    • No chance of deleting: it’s great! I am away this week though, unfortunately.

  • Mr Rearguard

    There was also a story in the same paper about some Romanian bird shagging that matey who starred in 300, whats his name err Gerry Butler? But the English folk didn’t seem to think she was fit as there were some negative comments anout her natural beauty. I personally just think that people in the UK are now so accustomed to seeing fat ugly Asda shopping 4×4 types that they wouldn’t know beauty if it bit them on their fat arses! @Parmalat. 4×4 means a woman who has 4 different children by 4 different fathers. Asda is a ghastly supermarket aimed at chavs i.e 75% of Brits, see ya.

    • Parmalat

      Thanks for the glossary Mr Rearguard!

  • Phil
    • Sour grapes from the English mes thinks, a simple case of home advantage.

      What the Romanians did was no different to preparing a cricket pitch to suit a particular home bowler.

      Maybe they need to bring in neutral fish?

      • Parmalat