Pantelimon Water Tower: Vote for your favourite design

Having given the street art we found on Magheru at the weekend a bit of a bashing, here’s an urban art project we very much can get behind: The Pantelimon Water Tower. We briefly mentioned it in this post a few weeks ago.

A quick reminder of what the project is about: An old, 37-metre high water tower in the Pantelimon district of Bucharest (once part of the Postavaria textile plant) is to be transformed into a landmark visitor attraction. A staircase will be built leading to a viewing deck, and a mural painted around the top part of the tower. The project is the idea of Make a Point, an organisation (whose HQ is in a building next to the tower) committed to bringing art closer to people.

So close in fact, that we can all have a say in which mural will decorate the tower.

A shortlist of twelve designs has been chosen, and you can see them all here. Click on the ‘Vezi Simularea‘ option under each design to see how the design will look when wrapped around the top of the tower.

We have gone for the design at the top of the post, by Carmen Nistor, which when actually painted on to the tower will look something like this:

You have until October 25th to cast your vote.

View Pantelimon Water Tower in a larger map