Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

Without question the funniest book ever written about playing Moldovan footballers at tennis, Playing the Moldovans at Tennis by Tony Hawks has been made into a film, staring Hawks himself.

Telling the story of Hawks’s quest to defeat the entire Moldovan football team at tennis (for a bet) the film can be watched in full and in HD (with your choice of English, Romanian or Russian subtitles) at the website

Note that while you can choose to watch the film for free should you wish to do so, Hawks does ask for donations for the medical centre treating children with cerebral palsy in Chisinau of which he is patron.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

You can watch it in full here.

  • Radu

    Very nice movie, I liked it. Thanks.

  • Geronimo

    It’s not particularly funny but it is very charming. And definitely worth a donation

  • Parmalat

    Check the spam folder, there’s something in there…

  • Parmalat

    Watch this:

    The case that I told you about, where a guy ran over 24 gypsies with his truck. And here’s how the Steaua supporters celebrated his name last evening:


    • The comments underneath the EVZ article speak volumes.

      • Parmalat

        Yup, the EVZ forum has always been like that in regard to gypsies.

  • Paco

    Any reviews, opinions?

    • The film is not as funny as the book, but then they never are. One of the problems is that the events of the film actually took place in 1998, so a few of the jokes are a bit dated. It is still worth watching, however, and it has some genuinely rolling on the floor laughing moments.

      • Paco

        Thanks, I’ll watch it this weekend then.

  • I read the book and liked it and i was looking forward to watching the film too.
    I will buy the DVD when the “buy the DVD” button will decide to work; if not, I will watch the film and donate, as i wish will do as many people as possible.
    And i hope that some will consider to visit Moldova; it will be a memorable experience.