Badly Parked Cars (Snow Edition)

After writing this yesterday we probably shouldn’t moan all that much about having to take a 10 metre detour while walking our son to school, but the prize tool whose car we picture below deserves a special mention.

Badly parked car Bucharest

The car is parked just outside the entrance to Maxi’s school, and parked in a way that meant every parent and child this morning had to walk out on to the street, through the snow, in order to get around it. Ironically, the pavements around the school had been cleared yesterday (when the school was closed) in order to allow easier access.

Still, jeeps before schoolkids, no?

PS: The number plate (not visible from this angle) is B 98 LIE. And remember, there are loads more Badly Parked Cars here.

  • Ethan

    It’s a BMW. I think that’s significant.

  • Nesfarsita lupta

    I have long learned not to have too high expectations of people because basically people are egoists whose number 1 priority is themselves, and I don’t just mean Romania, inconsiderate parking occurs in plenty of other countries, too… though the other day I witnessed another classic scene. Someone parked on the tram lines on Bulevardul Dacia, a tram wanting to get passed and holding up all the traffic along the length of the bulevard, the driver of the badly parked car hurrying to his car among the shouts of the indignant tram passengers and other held up drivers. Should have taken a picture.

    • Taken a picture and then sent it to us! We post all submissions.

      • Nesfarsita lupta

        Next time I’ll remember to take one 🙂

      • Today I used twitter to send you that Republica Elena picture cause I couldn’t find any other method.

        You know, it’s been almost 4 years since I’m visiting this blog and today was the first time when I stepped into the “About” section. I think you should put that e-mail address somewhere in the sidebar…

        • No, I would get spammed even more than now.

  • bogdan

    Romania will never be like singapore where bubble gum is banned so it won t stick on the sideways, or like london full of signs of: don t park here park there…cross that triple line and you ll pay shit. it is rules like this which add up and make your soul a crumbling bitchy hole over time. it only happens in bucharest so get over it.Sometimes i wonder where true communism lies:here or in the west.full of nanny states. I am a long way from getting impressed when i see clean streets and robotical parked cars…no potholes… only to realize that under that lies a trillion euro/pounds/dollars/ of external debt. Lol indeed. for a poker player like me that is the bluff of the century. So guys: worry about the trillions if you want to worry about or bitch about something. i wasn t gonna reply but i saw 6 of you really puzzled. except for craig. i noticed he takes the parking thing with a big pinch of humour which is the right attitude.

    • Fritz

      It’s not about rules and London and nanny states, just common sense.
      Why would you want to park on pedestrian crossings and in a way that blocks access to schools, like that funny fellow right there (I find all of these guys funny – I know i’m also an idiot oftentimes, but I can’t help but laugh).

    • 15 trillion $ and counting, with 1.5 trillion $ to come as social care for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who lost their feet in IED strikes (tens of thousands of people). And hopefully if some war in Iran starts it’s gonna be even more than that.

      When the West comes down they’re gonna look at our holes in the road with envy cause banks are gonna own their roads and make them pay so they can walk.

    • Expatescu

      It’s a safety and community issue. Parking laws provide greater safety for both pedestrians and motorists alike, and help people get where they’re going to with less hassle.

      Sadly, Romania is lacking in a community ethic, so I’m not surprised that you don’t get it.

    • anon

      Last time I checked Romania is bent over, unlubed and waiting to take it from the IMF…what’s this about debt?

      So Romania has crippling debt, but nothing to show for it, and somehow that’s better?

      • =))

      • Romania should lube its ass =))

      • bogdan

        Last time you checked lol…. Parmalat do you think i should waste my time
        with the Romania bashers? im counting on you to ”safeguard” the ”shores” . Mi e scarba cand ii vad cum se ascund pe aici vorbind cacat si stau la noi in tara mai mult ca sigur toti pa ieftineala si tot chitaie. Auzi la fraieru ala de sus : Greater safety . You want greater safety in one of the safest cities in europe? Platiti va triliardele baaaa saracilor artificiali si dupa veniti aici la mokangeala si vorbiti de x si y. Sau stati acolo dracu de unde sunteti. Uite cu ce ghertzoi imi pierd timpu.

        • Expatescu

          Vehicular death in Bucharest is particularly high. Violent crime is admirably low.

          • Don’t count on it to remain that way when people discover who the artisans of their poverty are…

        • Mr Rearguard

          Oi Bogdan you big sissy! Nu ma face sa ma umilesc scotandu-mi pula afara!

          • How come you learned to put the small line – in Romanian words Mr. Rearguard?? =))

        • Nu trebuie sa ne enervam decat daca spune cineva vreo prostie. Americanii spun cele mai mari prostii si inventii, nu stiu cine dracu le baga in cap yo creca e lagar de spalat creiere in America aia a lor. Englezii sunt ok te intelegi omeneste cu ei. In rest daca critica pe drept n-are rost sa ne enervam, dar putem sa criticam si noi pe drept puscariile alea ale lor unde pentru 1$ amenda neplatita le pune catusele.

          Era unul pe aici care ridica in slavi tiganii si spunea ca romanii i-au invatat pe tigani sa fure si omoare. I-am urat sa-l prinda Al-Qaeda.

          • Expatescu

            Well it’s true…(your Romani comment)

            • It’s also true that violent crime in Bucharest is low because nobody found out your location yet.

              • Expatescu

                That’s the stuff! You know, your posts in the last few threads were really pretty dull. You should resolve to post only when you’re drunk. You’re cuter and more entertaining that way.

                • That’s because you were more present in the comments section lately, next to my posts. You could make a Seinfeld episode look dull.

                  • ioana

                    None of you can compete with me; my posts are the most boring, by far.

            • ioana

              @ Expatescu:
              lesson 1 – how to steal a horse (and how to get over it):
              I read your initial comment; it bothered me but i didn’t bother to reply back then. Why reply to a person full of hate, who’s insulting so many romanians and tigani without thinking?
              It’s unfair. All of our gypsies were well behaved, hard working people, and still their grandchildren are so, and still loyal to our family. Today I’m not in the mood to tolerate your statement. If you insist to repeat it, third time do it in person. Come with me in one of this villages where my family had lands and say it loud in the middle of the tigani. Or say it to the satra who has “permission forever” from my great-grandmother to settle their tents in our orchards during summer. They do nothing wrong: they make various objects and sell them in the surrounding villages.
              I have a garden, 20 km far from Bucuresti, where i work on my vegetables every weekend. There is this old gypsy woman – when she sees me in, she comes and starts working next to me, helping me, without a word, without asking me anything. At lunchtime we stop, i fill a bag with vegetables and i give it to her, with some small money and she goes. Even if the gate of my garden is always open, she doesn’t come to steal after I leave. At her age, she could have easilly begged, but she didn’t.
              As the song above says, some tigani prefer to steal and explain why. But all those that I know personally – prefer to work for their food. Even if it’s not easy for them to find work – and this can be a great excuse for begging or crimes.

              • Expatescu

                Since you did not read the original post I don’t believe your comments are fully within context. Suffice it to say that as a person of color myself I find that racist attitudes from the majority tend to be projections of their own weaknesses. That’s all.

        • I live here for a number of reasons, and the relatively cheap cost of living is indeed one of them. Never hidden that fact from anyone.

          • ioana

            You are priviledged; there is not perfect reciprocity; I wonder what will happen if, out of the sudden, all people will enjoy the same rights to travel, study, work and live where they decide it’s convenient for them. I have many reasons to prefer living here and cheap cost of living is NOT one of them.

            • I know I am privileged, and believe me I have long espoused freedom of movement for everyone, regardless of where they from or where they want to go.

              • Mr Rearguard

                You sound like Joanne Lumley!

        • anon

          So Bogdan are you in denial that the IMF are knocking on Romania’s doors due to high levels of debt? Or did you miss the firesale of public assets, IMF directed public sector paycuts and the gutting of people’s pensions?
          What exactly has Romania got to show for the loans it took out? A developed motorway network? high speed rail? high quality healthcare and education?
          Just like everywhere in Europe the elite have been lining their own pockets at the expense of the general population.

          It is really more important for you to pretend all is rosy in Romania instead of acknowledging the problem and finding ways to fix it?

      • bogdan

        Doamne cat de prosti sunt!

        i was away on holiday so : Global Skills Report/ Talent in the 21st century
        Where in the world is it?/ Where are the skilled employees?
        If you notice the leaders of the charts account for 1,5 BILLION in population size. Romania with 22 million half of it being rural so lets say 10 million out of which 6 form a core, comes right after them year after year. So, out of 193 countries ROMANIA leads the world on all sectors with an infimal population. Yes, in which domain? IT? (yes the thing you spend 6-7 hours a day working or having fun on) yes the internet, yes nasa… yes pretty much all things of the future. In Europe we lead the way by far. So have a good look down at the Country Skills Ratings and there you ll see you IGNORANT loser what we have to SHOW

        • anon

          Yes if you ignore the poors in the countryside who have to shit in a hole in the ground because they don’t have any infrastructure, cherry pick some data from 2006 and do some mental gymnastics then Romania is the king of the world. What’s your point? It has nothing to do with my previous post.

          Introducing new arguments without addressing past points is slimy at best.

          You come off as extremely insecure. Would you rather just flop it out and measure?

          As a reminder
          “So Bogdan are you in denial that the IMF are knocking on Romania’s doors due to high levels of debt? Or did you miss the firesale of public assets, IMF directed public sector paycuts and the gutting of people’s pensions?
          What exactly has Romania got to show for the loans it took out? A developed motorway network? high speed rail? high quality healthcare and education?”

          Oh by the way, I notice you don’t have the balls to insult people in a language other than Romanian, maybe you think that us dirty foreigners haven’t taken the time to learn the language, so you prefer to take the cowardly way, or maybe it brings you some self deluded sense of superiority. I don’t care. It’s childish at best.

          • bogdan

            Wow you really are a brainwashed imbecile. Si sa mi bag pula n mortii matii si n natia matii de asistat frustrat. Sa ma cac pe fata si pe strazile si sinele tale de sarac ordinar. By the time Romania gets fucked by the imf the world will be a very different place in mortii matii de retardat. . Mai scrie..mai scrie de tara mea asa futu ti cristosu matii si o sa am grija sa intelegi TOT cand mai apari pe aici sau mergi pa strada.

            • What a lovely chap you appear to be.

              • anon

                A lot of pent up frustration over someone criticising a parked car eh?

                My real worry at the moment is that the IMF will end up sending Romania into a similar decline as in the 1980’s. They’ve been knocking on the doors of Romania, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain with some really evil demands. It’s worth pointing out that in the most recent Greek cuts, the government wanted to cut military spending, including the order of 400 German tanks. The Troika replied with a “NO! Cut pensions instead!”.
                It’s pretty sad that someone can attack somebody for pointing out that the country is being raped at the moment, yet turn a blind eye to the people who forced through a 25% paycut for vital public servants.

                • Actually I enjoy the idea that the country will get poorer and poorer. Because the poorer it gets, the easier it is to catch some extremist ideology.

                  I’ve been pushing hard for Islam in the last year and my message seems to have reached certain circles.

                  There’s obviously not gonna be freedom on earth as long as banks and corporations exist under their current form. So my guess is that the time when bank and corporate workers will be kidnapped for ransom and their heads cut is not far.

                  Cause there’s no way to tackle banks and corporations from top to bottom, they own politicians, they own everything. The only way is to tackle them from bottom up, one employee after another.

                  • anon

                    Eeeep, I concede that the current state of affairs is FUBAR, and has to change…but Islam? I spent two years living in an Islamic country and I’ll be dammed if I want to do so again. Not exactly known for freedom and tolerance. Don’t believe me? Draw a picture of Mohammad and post it on your Facebook.

                    I do agree though, that when there’s nothing left to hope for, and people lose their faith entirely in the current system, there are going to be people swinging from lampposts. Portugal is the one to watch for that. They are at a breaking point worse than Greece.

                    • Yep, I know what you’re talking about. But considering that we’re trying to achieve freedom from banksters here, not just some change of regime, I would say that Islam is what works.

                      They’ve driven out the American sissies from Iraq and they’ve been fighting them for 10 years in Afghanistan almost barehanded regardless of what weapons and technology was thrown against them.

                      And I’m quite sure that the moment they lay their hands on the nuclear weapon they’re gonna clear out the Jews big time.

                      So it’s not necessarily Islam that I want, but that fighting mentality is what I’m looking for. Unfortunately I look around and I notice that it only comes with Islam.

             this was really awesome

    • Tax evasion is one of the best things that happened in the world, when you do tax evasion it’s like having an orgasm.

      • Expatescu

        Talk about having a boring sex life…

        • You certainly did tax evasion cause that’s what you do, so if you don’t agree with me it means that it’s been quite a time since your last f*ck.

    • Mr Rearguard

      Bogdan: You’re a tool, fact!!!

  • I believe you need to start submitting stuff here:

    • Oh yes. Amazing to look through that site though. More than half the photos would be considered perfectly acceptable here.

      • It’s gonna be like those facebook browser games where Romanians count for half the players…

  • anon

    I remember seeing a 4×4 that decided to park on the pavement at Baneasa wearing a yellow clamp.
    It left a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

  • Fritz

    I’m also amazed at how these SUVs discourage coppers from doing their job. And those tow trucks – where is one when you need it?

    I sometimes talk to these people. ‘Excuse me, why did you park here? This is a pedestrian’s crossing, and parking here is wrong and not very elegant.’ (this polite way of talking baffles most)
    Most just get in and drive away, like i’m not there.
    Some say sorry i was in a hurry with some shit business.
    Others get all defensive like it is my fault that they can’t drive and park.
    Some say stuff like ‘elegant esti tu cu familia ta handicapatule’ 🙂 or worse
    I know i’m not achieving much, but I’ve always liked studying the behaviour of animals.

  • Mr Rearguard

    Also I blame the cops here. They are fucking useless gobshites! Just last week I asked a copper if he thought that he should tell some dizzy blonde whore across the street that parking on a flower bed was not on? He just looked at me, shrugged his shoulders bringing the cups of his hands together and said in a high pitched voice “This is Romania”!!! I told him something along the lines “shut up, those excuses have been going on for 20years now, it’s not gonna wash with me no more so do your job cola breath”!

  • Mr Rearguard

    Excuse my limba but “Fucking Wanker” is what this person is. I usually get me keys out and scratch them down the entire length of the offending obstacle. Gives those cunts something to think about the next time they dump it on the sidewalk.

  • mortmere

    Myself, I generally climb up and walk across the bonnet of cars parked like this, though I can understand that the angles might be a bit steep. Nothing like leaving a trail of footprints (and maybe the odd dent) for the proud owner to see when he comes back to fetch it.