Ai parcat ca un bou

Fans of Badly Parked Cars will love this initiative: Ai parcat ca un bou (the fruity translation of which would be ‘You’ve parked like a dickhead‘).

The idea is simple yet brilliant: download (from here) and print off the Ai parcat ca un bou stickers on self-adhesive paper, then just stick them on the windscreen or wing mirror of any cars which block pavements, entrances, occupy two spaces etc.

The message underneath Ai parcat ca un bou roughly translates as: ‘You are about to find out how difficult it is to remove self-adhesive paper from your windscreen. Good luck with it.’

We have no idea whose initiative this is, but hats off to them, and note that we will offer a prize to anyone who submits a photo of a badly parked car sporting one of these stickers.

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  • I’ve seen something similar in Cluj, with cars parked on bike lanes. Not very successful, since the stickers were easy to take off – but at least they got the drivers’ attention.

    • Still waiting for a photo of one of these stickers!

  • anon

    too time consuming, a sticker can be done with stealth. Yes I’m a coward

  • I’ll be doing this!

    For anyone needing a break from Bucharest and its badly parked cars, I am teaming up with the great Hungarian photographer Emese Benko to teach a 5 day Orthodox Easter workshop in Maramures. Spaces are going quickly:

    • Do you also offer helicopter transportation from Bucharest?

      • Parmalat: Much to Basescu’s chagrin (I know that a helicopter is the best way to see Romania), I can only offer the back seat of a Volkswagen Tiguan.

    • Mr Rearguard

      675Euro to learn how to point a camera at something and press a button or two? Good luck!

      • Mr Rearguard: intrepid travelers in the West find Romania quite intriguing. We already have some Londoners.

      • anon

        Don’t forget about changing the camera settings from colour to greyscale to make it look more “arty”. Those cameras are complicated!

      • Canon should be sponsoring these…

        You know what I heard Mr. Rearguard? I heard that if you take a human being and break him down to chemical elements, the amount that you would get by selling those elements is around 25$.

        I wonder how much is a 1000$ Canon actually worth…

        • Mr Rearguard

          Interesting stuff Parmo…I see that it’s the start of the silly season again in Bucharest. Tigans selling shite that nobody needs for 1st March. Stop giving them money and maybe the rest of them will finally fuck off to England?

    • Geronimo

      More spam from Davin. Can you imagine a worse guide to Romania? Look, there’s a horse and cart. Look, there’s a Mercedes BZM 11C6. This country is unique. Ceausescu made the stray dogs. Erm, Basescu? And a bloke called Antonescu? Din’t he start the revolution? And something about the Turks. Anyway, take a picture of that thing over there, it’s unique. 675 Euros please. I lived in Maramures.

  • FV

    To whomever came up with this idea: Way to go, guys!

  • anon

    I like the “you park like a cow” (if you’re a woman) bit.
    I hope to see these somewhere…now where can you buy really adhesive paper? the kind that’s difficult to get off like they use on the vigenettes?

    • you know those commercial leaflets that they put on cars’ windscreens? if you’re unlucky enough to leave them for a night and in that night it rains – the next day all paint from the leaflets will be sticking on your windscreen. and not even a carwash will get that off =))

      • Peter

        Just use thick paper and superglue, succes guaranteed! I saw some nice examples of badly parked cars today, too bad I wasn’t equiped with the stickers yet…

        • Yeah, but you have to be careful cause you can get in jail for that.

          I know someone who worked for a carwash and after a month’s work the owner wouldn’t pay him so he took a bat and went to the carwash and broke the windscreen of a car that was waiting in there to be washed.

          The carwash owner called the police and they arrested him for destroying property and he stood in jail for 6 months before being released and then he was convicted to 2 years with suspension.

          I wouldn’t mess with peoples’ cars, Romanians (including prosecutors and judges) have strong feelings about their cars 😀