Hooray! Baneasa Airport is no more

Closing its doors: Baneasa Airport

It’s official. Bucharest’s Baneasa Airport, widely considered one of the worst in Europe, is to close its doors to standard commercial traffic, although it will remain open as a private airport for the personal planes of the rich and famous.

All of the budget airlines currently making use of Baneasa will move operations to Otopeni on March 25th. This is great news for Bucharest.

First impressions count, and there can’t be too many people who have arrived in Bucharest at Baneasa and thought ‘What a modern, efficient place this is.’

Otopeni on the other hand (expensive taxis aside) is a decent airport, though the new departures area is eerily empty at the moment.

Not for long.

  • Jen

    Yay. Instead of taking 2 normal buses for 30 minutes, now I get to take a normal bus and an express for an hour. I’d rather have the crowd at Baneasa, honestly. (Not to mention that all low-costs will now become high-costs, due to airport taxes. Guess it’s time to start traveling before March..)

    • And the fact that it is v. difficult to get an honest taxi to/from Otopeni.

      You know, on my own I could just about manage the Baneasa shuffle. With two kids though it was genuinely hellish. I will gladly see the back of it.

      • Jen

        Getting a taxi to Otopeni isn’t that bad. Getting back though.. I’ve heard horror stories. It would be great if they made the 783 line run all night…

        • Actually have had probs getting a taxi to Otopeni. Called a Meridian taxi the other day who refused to take me when he turned up, as he said he had no rovinieta. Had to call another.

  • Parmalat

    I’m waiting for tomorrow’s article to tell about my experience from this evening at Universitate 😀

    • You were there? Looked like a lot of fuss about nothing, which turned violent due to usual overreaction of the jendarmes.

  • Parmalat



    We’re gonna have a new metro station built by Ceausescu!

    This shows the degree under which the Romanian society had fallen apart post-89 which is simply stunning.

    Not only we couldn’t finish everything that Ceausescu started and we couldn’t sell to foreigners everything that he built (still, we keep trying), but now we discover things made by Ceausescu that everyone had forgotten about!

    This metro station is a gift that Ceausescu sent from Heaven to the people whom he loved so much.

    Now I’m waiting for the EU and the US to give us 30 million Euro so they can match Ceausescu’s gift.

  • adam

    So let’s be happy about much longer and slower security checks at OTP, a bigger crowd in which to guard your belongings

    The only positive development that I hope for, is that there maybe will be more buses to/from Bucharest (like every 10-15 minutes at least)

  • Irina

    I really like OTP now, I remember when they opened the new terminal my Facebook feed was full of people enthusing over it. And indeed, it does look good, if a bit empty (I thought that was just because of the weird hours I fly, apparently it isn’t?). But, like Alexandru, I’m not too thrilled that they’re moving the low costs there, it’ll start looking like LHR T4 (onion peels, anyone?) pretty fast. But then again, it’ll make for more interesting people watching, haha.

    • sighted

      Ghastly!!! :O

  • Mr Rearguard

    I thought Otopeni airport had changed it’s name to something sounding like the legendary actor ‘Henry Fonda’?

  • Good point there, Alexandru! But maybe it’s better for tourists to really get a feeling of what awaits outside the airport and, while they’re still there, they could book a flight back home right away 🙂

    • There are still the taxi sharks at Otopeni to make people feel welcome…

      • Irina

        Oh yes, and now I read they’re going all Mexico City on each other, shootings included.

  • Alexandru

    Curious though what will be the impact on the “look” at Otopeni airport. There are quite some “horror” stories regarding some low-cost passengers to Spain or Italy (mainly) and I can’t help but wonder whether Otopeni won’t get a Piata Bucur Obor feel…