Bucharest Life goes to Sibiu

As you may know (if you have been paying attention), we have been in Sibiu of late, researching a brand new In Your Pocket mini-guide to the city. (We should really now be writing up our notes instead of messing about here, but that’s another story).

Anyway, runaway tigers aside, we liked the place a lot. It is not quite Brasov but it is on the right track, and its central squares are in better shape than any other town we’ve been to in Romania (a result of the place being beautified ahead of it becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2007).

Sibiu's Fortifications

As soon as the guide is written, published and the text and photos are online, you will of course be the first to know.

Meantime, we leave you with a photo of a bench at Sibiu train station, which is, to say the least, in bad shape:

It is not, however, in quite as bad a shape as this one:

  • Costachel Budurau

    Sibiu was and will remain it seems a wonderful place yo live in! (That piece of metal would have been melted by now in any southern part of the country.)

    • Parmalat

      “That piece of metal would have been melted by now in any southern part of the country”

      That’s because all peasants from all parts of the country settled themselves in Bucharest and us – educated people – now find ourselves in minority.

    • Giuseppe

      Well obviously those plastic seats were stolen by ‘southerners’. Probably from Bucharest too, seeing how plastic seats are unavailable over here and the Sibiu train station is the closest source for ’em.

  • anon

    Why the hell would anyone steal a plastic seat?!

    • Who’s to say?

      In the spirit of cultural awareness we should maybe put the question out there; perhaps Costachel could answer? Does the removal of plastic seats from station benches have some significant, historic meaning and import we culturally ignorant westerners simply don’t know about and couldn’t understand even if we tried?

      • Costachel Budurau

        Glad to be of service. I am quite sure that we are looking at an act of civil disobedience. The nerve of local authorities to suggest that the industrious people of Romania would ever rest! A statement had to be made, at… whatever price.

        There is of course the other, however improbable, theory which says that economic hardship during Ceausescu’s years has put such pressure on people’s moral values that honesty has become a luxury in Romania… bla bla bla. Well, the other theory simply says that we are a country full of fucking thieves.

    • ioana

      Maybe they were not stolen – maybe they were removed because they were broken – and will be replaced with shinny new ones in a couple of days. I am optimistic.

      • Parmalat

        Actually I think they were broken by some vandals just for the sake of it.

      • I’ll be back there in a couple of weeks: I will check!

  • Parmalat

    Oh, so there are vandals in Sibiu too, not only in Bucharest…