The Romanian Press

Oxford University last week published reports on press freedom in a number of countries in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria,
Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

Romania does not do very well.

The reports are based on a number of in-depth interviews with key local media people, and while no report of this kind can ever be considered fully objective or definitive, there is much here that will ring true with anyone who has the slightest knowledge of how the Romanian press works.

You can read the executive summary here, and the specific Romanian country report here.

There are links to the other country reports here.

  • I recently came to Bucharest, and realized that there is as such no local English newspaper for almost two years ! And when I asked for any available English newspaper to be delivered to my room, the hotel said it is going to cost 30 Euros per month !
    Why is the state of print media this way here ? It really reflects on the state of media affairs across the country. I guess it needs to be more affordable and accessible for the people of the country.

    People still look for print media , the newspapers.

    • There is meant to be something called the Bucharest Herald, but I have never, ever seen a copy. There is also the weekly Business Review but that is a shadow of its former self, back in the days when quality staff would produce top content.

      As for local papers, they are all dying a quick death. Not one will be missed.

    • Parmalat

      Some online newspapers have English versions… buying one single newspaper each day costs more than the TV + internet plan and in times like these when Basescu and the PDL slashed salaries and destroyed the economy – most people who would prefer written press over other types of media (pensioners) just can’t afford it.