Prince Charles & Romania

‘Eco-hypocrite’ Prince Charles, who a couple of weeks ago told people in the United States that they should eat fewer steaks for the sake of the planet (this from a man who reportedly has 82 servants) is this week on a private visit to Romania, where he owns property. Tomorrow he will apparently meet Romania’s Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea. He will no doubt tell her that small scale, agro-tourism where wealthy types pay a fortune to play at being poor for a while is the way forward for Romanian tourism.

We do not intend repeating the article we wrote back in October, (or this one) but a reminder of the fact that Prince Charles (a fan of homeopathic ‘medicine’, by the way) is no friend of the Romanian peasant never does too much harm.

It is all very well visiting a Romanian village for a day or two and saying how jolly marvellous it is (especially when you stay in some rather agreeable accommodation), quite another to have to live in one your entire life. But then what would one of the most privileged men in the world know about hardship?

Remember: just this year a Eurostat report was published which stated that 42 per cent of homes in the Romanian countryside do not have indoor plumbing.

Note: we do not begrudge Charles his wealth nor his privileges.

We do however wish that he would stop telling the rest of us how to live, and that he would stop trying to convince people that peasant life in Romania is wonderful.

It isn’t.

  • FF

    you’re fucking idiots. this guy knows what’s up. we need to restore monarchy in romania man. all that european heritage lost globalists care more about money than about culture. don’t be a globalist sellout man.

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  • Irina

    You are all stupid guys! I live in the UK for 8 years and Romania is seen as a third world country. At the beginning I couldn’t find employment because people were afraid of me. When you get someone like Prince Charles saying good things about Romania, it’s music to my ears. Are all so childish and stupid not to see the positive in this? Maybe you should get out of your fantasy world where you live in your little apartments and where you have your little jobs and actually watch more news on the TV on how we are still seen abroad. And instead of being happy that such a high person speaks highly of Romania, you call him the C-word and find things wrong with it. Maybe this is the attitude that brought us down in the first place! Shame on you guys! Eat some more fish maybe your brains will work better!

    • I have no objection to Charles speaking well of Romania: like you, I welcome it.

      What I find objectionable is his insistence that medieval lifestyles are something to be celebrated and preserved, especially as his own lifestyle is one of pure, unadulterated privilege. The man has never done a day’s manual labour in his life and yet he thinks those who do backbreaking work from dawn to dusk are ‘so lucky.’

      The man is a hypocrite, there is no other word for him.

      • Mister Rearguard

        Prince Charles worked hard to gain his Airbourne Wings with the Parachute Regiment, fact!

      • C.B.

        Working and commuting ten hours a day, getting hemorrhoids while sitting on an office chair and then wasting time and money to work out with a bunch of flavored guys, loosing your eyesight to a computer, your job to a colleague who just got breast implants and the house to a friendly bank, fighting twice a day for a parking space, risking your life navigating trough seas of stray dogs (I’ve been saving this one), eating repackaged/expired foods and genetically modified veggies, breathing polluted air, paying a small fortune on a weekend and a regular fortune on vacation just to hug a tree and retiring at an age when on average you have five/six years left to live… is this the life you want that prick Charles or anybody else for that matter to recommend you?

        You’ve done a poor job in the past convincing me at least that that running water is a precondition for happiness but if you manage to do that I guess we’ll have no choice but to set aside some two thousand years of philosophy on the subject. The way I see things yours’ are just two different points of view and unless you bring some solid supportive arguments you can each pray for a larger and more gullible audience

        • ‘solid supportive arguments.’

          Let’s start with life expectancy, shall we?

          • C.B.

            Don’t tell me you keep for yourself some urban vs. rural life expectancy statistics adjusted for level of education and medical care access because other than that not much else would be relevant here. However, to have some working background note that in the past fifty years life expectancy in Romania grew for men from 64 to around 70 and that about half of that increase was recorded in the last decade – could it related to recent alcohol and tobacco tax increases? (Women had both a better start and a 25% higher increase – a better spread too – reaching now the respectable 77.)

            Environmental factors do play a role (although I don’t think that deaths from skin cancer are quite up there with those related to air pollution, you run some numbers) but it is the behavioral risk, greatly influenced by one’s level of education, who plays the determinant role in an eventual life expectancy difference between people living in the two settings. Cutting through the health expenditure level and physician density bullshit I believe we can safely assume that the level of education plays the key role here so the problem becomes not of a WHAT but a WHO; who does all those life-shortening, scary medieval things out there, in the rural jungle?

            The answer is: less educated people. In short, uneducated people are less likely to visit a doctor and more likely to drink and smoke more hence presumably dying earlier (hell yes, men drink and smoke their wiwes’ share too since they are also more likely to abuse them – throw in some biological/genetic factors and we as well accounted for the statistically well established men-women life expectancy discrepancy).

            Personally, I believe that the benefits derived from clean air, a better diet and workout offset many of those cirrhosis deaths so the prick (I’ll call him this so that I can write faster) might really be onto something here since, if my theory is correct, if you convince an educated person to live in the rural setting you would greatly enhance his/her life – of course that would not work for a Brit, they proved to be immune to education derived benefits as they’ll keep drinking like fish no matter where you relocate them.

            The quality of life in the two environments I think is a subject on its own and one important enough to be debated separately; I hope you will provide a larger setting for it.

            • You really don’t get it.

              This is not about ‘relocating educated people’ to the countryside. It is about those people who already live in the countryside. They are – by and large – less healthy and live shorter lives than their urban counterparts. That is one of the main reasons why – all over the world – people flock to cities in their millions and will continue to do so.

              Unless of course you have evidence to the contrary?

              • Parmalat

                Not only people, but even cities flock together!

              • C.B.

                What did you do? You read only the last (larger) paragraph AND lost your sense of humor as well?

                You now, this exercise becomes less interesting to me if I have to translate my own jokes. Of course it is not about relocating educated people to the countryside you silly. It is about the people who live in rural Romania (not the child soldiers or others living in countries with rampant AIDS and malaria), people whom you claim yet make no effort to statistically prove – cemetery walks not counting – have a shorter life expectancy than their city counterparts and which you can scientifically tie to some other factor (medieval lifestyle, backbreaking work from dawn to dusk, etc.) than the lack of education.

                (More preposterous seemed to me an earlier claim of yours that one cannot be happy in the countryside because, among other things, they don’t have running water! I disagree. I did my own research to prove it – “Are You Being Served Again”, season two, episode three – and I found very happy people living under similar circumstances just outside London so I ask you, why don’t you find it conceivable that this thing could happen in Romania as well?)

                Happiness is hard to define. Adhering strictly to your materialistic values you won’t get close to a widely accepted definition at which point only you may start speculating about factors of influence and so on. On the other hand, don’t get just some Tibetan definition or mine (hey, give me a high speed connection on the blessed piratebay and within a week I’ll show you happiness, about 100gb of it in the shape of e-books – I’ll give up any day my hygiene for that if I’ll ever have to make such choices) just stop for once in your busy life and examine your own needs more closely.

                Doesn’t spending time in nature finds a place in your definition of happiness? Isn’t having more time to read, enjoy music or to simply meditate something you aspire to – trust me those peasants work many fewer hours and days than you do? How about that physical work which is good for you and makes the simplest foods taste like godly nectar and the bed feel more like your mother’s breast. I once carried my bed in the middle of a field and spent in it an entire day just looking at the clouds and the nearby forested hills! It felt like heaven! (Try getting that from from your I.O.R. park – mind you, 40 years ago you might have stood a chance.)

                Most people in my village me are happy when it rains, when they get more eggs per hen, in church, and when the line is short at the local mill. We waste much of our lives upgrading houses and cars trying to reach that often foolishly defined success. Some will eventually find meaning in a God while others in the miracle called “nature” but none will get their peace from a mass produced widget.

                Finally, I think what Chief Charlie is trying to say is that most of us have forgot that those not fully spoiled here lifestyles and traditions can bring us such great pleasure that for some is worth making radical changes in life and embracing them full time. I think that people who disagree with him should try a larger sample of this product before criticizing it so vehemently.

                • People in cities live longer, for many of the reasons you identify in another comment: they are better educated, with access to better health care etc. If you continue to dispute that people live longer in cities there is little point continuing the discussion.

                  As for Charles, he is simply not entitled to an opinion on the matter. His privileged background and lifestyle make his opinions redundant, at least until he comes and lives in a poor Romanian village forever, renouncing the throne and all his worldly goods and wealth. Let’s see him draw water from a well, use an outside toilet and do back-breaking labour for a few years and then see what he thinks of the rural lifestyle then. If he likes it, fair play to him.

                  • C.B.

                    You really have no proof that people in the urban Romania live longer; was it an 80 proof when you came up with this theory?

                    Do you mean to tell me that Parmalat can’t make a living pushing his product on this forum without you asking for “robust, peer-reviewed evidence from well-designed, double-blind clinical trials” but you won’t back up your statements with some lousy numbers? This smells to me like double standard and it isn’t fair for your interlocutor to argue an opposing point of view under such constrains.
                    But let’s assume that you are right – I don’t know why, maybe because I am missing the two front teeth. Let’s assume that, unlike in England where it is the other way around – I hope you’re not surprised – here it is the urbanites who have a two year life expectancy lead, you’d still be left with your claim that medieval lifestyle and backbreaking work kills prematurely. Well, this too seems to me just as baseless.

                    Ambulance response time, number of physicians and similarly insignificant shit don’t kill enough rural people to compete with the pollution, asthma, allergy, autoimmune, mood and anxiety disorder-related deaths from the city. What are you left with? Liver/alcohol. pulmonary/tobacco and the obesity related deaths. (Not even the third deserves to be filled under country lifestyle deaths until you do a better job discrediting the Atkins diet – you have your trans fat and concentrated carbohydrates now so you’ll soon catch up anyway.) Then, as I have said before, if the the above still lowers the rural life expectancy bellow the urban curve, after applying the offsetting factors, it is only because the peasant’s lower education level makes him reluctant to seek the otherwise available medical care and more likely to abuse his drug of choice, alcohol and/or tobacco. In light of this, perhaps your warning should now sound something like “Don’t go live in the country because you will be surrounded by people who have skipped a few years of school, who may or may not live longer than a city slicker, and whose environmental, mental and social wellness I am better of not discussing”.

                    So, don’t be afraid to shake hands with a peasant, drink non pasteurized milk or attempt to do some farm work cause neither kills. The guys that manually draw water from the well on your route (wherever you’ve been wondering in Romania) probably do so to get your few pennies for the snapped rustic pictures. (If I were you, next time I’d check to see if they don’t have some kind of faucet down there, them peasants are clever.) In my village we all have Russian water pumps that cost next to nothing to buy and operate. There are only two people here who are manually extracting water from their well and we’ve concluded that they’d acquired some stress related disease that drives them to this odd behaviour when, for some curious reason, they’ve both traveled extensively to the city. We waited for a while for them to prematurely die from that affection but both are now in their 80s so it must be that in the end the clean air and that other medieval stuff has well compensated for the effects of their hazardous traveling.

                    In conclusion, I’m with the prince on this one, I think he got it and you didn’t but don’t go on thinking now that I am not pissed off that Charles is right! I am, but our sadness should be somewhat alleviated by the fact that, if the infinite monkey theorem holds true, it was probably only a matter of time until he got one right. In fact, it might have very well been that this part-time rural living he engaged in lately has increased his life long enough for us to eventually witness him saying something intelligent. Wow! Double Wow! … the kind of connections and discoveries one makes in the abundant free time afforded by the rural living!
                    Passionate exchanges between the people living in the urban and rural Romania are not something new. Those older Romanians still not killed by the prevalent threats of their respective environment might remember this rather colorful Christmas poem which is too much of a challenge to translate so here it is in Romanian:
                    Cetatene de la bloc
                    Taie-ti pula-n loc de porc
                    Taie-o cand este sculata
                    Sa-ti fie masa bogata
                    Pielea s-o umpli cu varza
                    S-o mananci de boboteaza
                    Cand mancam noi caltabosi
                    Tu mananci un coi cu bors
                    Cand voi fi la fripturica
                    Tu sa-ti amintesti Costica
                    Eu dadeam boabe la porc
                    Tu beleai pula la bloc
                    In loc sa-ti cumperi purcica
                    Ti-ai luat masina mica
                    Iar acuma de Craciun
                    Vino si pupa-ma-n cur
                    Cand va plimbati cu masina
                    Sa va mirositi besina
                    Fiindca asa meritati
                    Fasole in loc de carnati
                    Cand ai pofta de sorici
                    Pune mana pe carici
                    Strangel bine cu caldura
                    Pana-ti vine apa-n gura
                    Pentru anul care vine
                    Fii atent aici la mine
                    De nu-ti cumperi si tu porc
                    Iar belesti pula la bloc

                    There is of course an equally unpretentious answer from the urban gang but I will not be the one looking for it – besides, I have to go feed my pigs anyway.

                    • Why bring the UK – where only the very wealthy can afford to live in the countryside – into it? A desperate attempt to prolong an argument you lost a while ago me’s thinks.

                      Romania’s peasants are worse off than their urban counterparts. You might not like the idea but you need to face facts. Unless you have hard evidence to suggest otherwise. (Good luck with finding some: my guess is there is more chance of proving the efficacy of homeopathy).

                  • C.B.

                    School in England must have been a breeze for you if you got away with shit like the one you’re trying to pull here.

                    Let me tell you how it works in this part of the world. If you go around telling Romanian girls that you have a big dick you better be prepared to back that up. A few lateral moves, a pirouette or two excused but eventually you have to drop your pants my friend and show that promised piece of meat. If you don’t do it (or don’t have it) you become a joke. You can hire David Beckham or his nutritionist to swear that they’ve seen/felt it but it won’t change one iota.

                    Do you want to be credible? Do do your homework, check your facts (don’t have need to go all Turabian on us) or quote God cause his bullshit goes mostly unchallenged.
                    Here is one I just came up with it for you, play this on your website: and let me know if it works; I might have my retarded twins play it to their teachers and not have to spend a fortune sending them all the way to some British school to get their degree.


                    • One of the best written concessions of defeat I have had the pleasure to read. Excellent stuff, do keep commenting: you add something to this forum and are a welcome member of our little cabal.

                    • Parmalat

                      If you tell Romanian girls that you have a big dick, first they slap you in the face and only then they put you to show it.

                    • Andy H

                      I’m not convinced of this life expectancy argument. Yes, there are desperate poverty ridden villages in Romania, just as there are desperate poverty ridden ghettoes in most Romanian cities. I now live in a village (in one of the poorest counties in the country), and I’d be surprised if there is any significant difference between life expectancy in that village and life expectancy in Miercurea Ciuc 15 kms down the road and then again in Brasov, our closest biggish city.

                      There are possibly quality of life arguments that both sides would make, which I think are pretty much unmeasurable. I think the only unarguable statement you could make about life in villages and life in cities in this country is that most young people, given half a chance, will leave their village and go to live in a city. But I’d contend that’s for economic reasons (ie that’s where the work is), or, probably even more because villages are boring (for anyone between the ages of 14 and 35, at least)

                    • In looking for some data I cam across this: Romania in figures 2012 which is packed with useless but interesting information. The one thing that stands out (see page 15) is the fact that more people are moving from town to country than vice versa. My guess is this is a little bit skewed by people who leave their blocks for houses built in villages around cities (and who then commute each day back into town, their children included) as opposed to those who move to villages to make their living there, but it is revealing nevertheless.

                      As for life expectancy, there is a difference of a year or two between town and country (see here): but it varies greatly from county to county, and the gap is narrowing.

                    • C.B.

                      Craig’s Dictionary – VOLUME I (First Edition)

                      argument – something hard to grow but easy to hijack
                      no argument -harmless condition
                      solid argument – something other people have
                      solid supportive argument – something you ask for but never give
                      evidence – something invisible to others
                      hard evidence – something that you can order but you cannot serve
                      own evidence – something not worth owning
                      evidence to the contrary – acceptable substitute solicited from others to account for the absence of own evidence
                      to face the facts – something that you ask others to do
                      to fake the facts – something that you do yourself
                      manual labor – life shortening labor (for which you can’t blame others because you are doing it with your own two hands)
                      backbreaking work – people putting their heads together
                      people working from dawn to dusk – foreign contractors in Romania
                      medieval people – people illegally tapped into Romania’s water system
                      medieval food – food worth nothing because it doesn’t come in a plastic bag with a receipt attached
                      medieval habit – the act of eating fried chicken without the use of silverware
                      medieval life – the act of living with less than fiber optic Internet access
                      medieval housing – housing units not owned by banks
                      outhouse – storage unit used full-time by mosquitoes
                      outhouse pit – storage unit used part-time by cellphones
                      peasants flocking to the city – cohorts of young people in search of longer lives
                      you really don’t get it. – emergency sentence to be used when more time is needed for processing written text
                      to pluralize – to camouflage a minor opinion
                      to patronize – something to be done when nothing else can be done
                      objectionable – anything connected to Charlie
                      Elenea Udrea – Charlie’s discrete bitch
                      I’ll show you yours and tell you is mine – an adaptation from “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” (for further reading see “argument”)

                      Newly Arrived Words and Phrases

                      peasant drawing water – peasant suspected for outfitting his well with hidden faucets
                      peasant drawing water from a well without hidden faucets – crushing evidence supporting the medieval lifestyle theory
                      Russian water pumps – fast-spreading, high-tech gadgets threatening the medieval lifestyle theory
                      people in their 80’s walking the fields – a nearly identical replica of people in their 70’s walking urban hospital hallways
                      infinite monkey theorem – disturbing theorem suggesting that even the most careful people will a least once in their life end up providing arguments for published statements

                    • Mr Rearguard

                      I read today in some paper…………. ……………about the size of guys tools around the globe (like you do) and I noticed that Romanian men come bottom of the league in Europe! Explains why all the old farts in The Dubliner always have birds gagging (that’s a lie) for some British beef!

                    • C.B.

                      Of course the study is flawed. His research was finished by the time the bigger, rural Romanian cocks uploaded on slow connections.
                      Single-handed this guy has raised the price Romanians will have to pay for foreign pussy.

            • Parmalat

              Did you know that we at Herbalife never get a cold or a flu? 😀

              • Mr Rearguard

                Can’t believe you have sold your soul!

                • Parmalat

                  You know Mr Rearguard, I’m beginning to like this wellness shit. Been to another meeting of theirs yesterday, they’re quite an enthusiastic bunch.

                  And since I wasn’t doing much, I said what the hell at least I can energize myself a little.

                  Dropped another 700 grams, my result goes almost @ 9 kilos lost in 3 weeks and a few days. Need to drop another 6.3 kilos 😀

        • Parmalat

          I’ve been doing Herbalife for almost 2 weeks now, wanna join my team? Our shakes are made out of soy protein and it’s not genetically modified 😀

          • Do you have any robust, peer-reviewed evidence from well-designed, double-blind clinical trials to prove that Herbalife products are any more effective than placebos?

            Until I see some I will file Herbalife in the same bullshit folder as homeopathy, magnatherapy, alkaline water diets and other such quackery.

            • Parmalat

              Oh, just the 8 kilos I lost in the last 3 weeks =))

              Not really evidence, but it was fine with me! First I bought that shake of theirs from the internet and started to replace meals. And when things started rollin I asked them to let me join the party.

              Actually I wasn’t much into sales or anything like that, but that shake is cheaper if you join the company as a distributor. It’s like 25% cheaper.

              So I joined and said to myself “wtf, I’ll just tell them I’m gonna sell, but mind my own business; they can’t kick me out once I’m in so I still get those shakes with a discount”.

              And then a guy Nicu, my supervisor said “why don’t you make a list of friends and family members with their names and phone numbers so that we can offer them some cosmetics treatment and nutrition consulting for free?”

              And I said “sure, why not, I guess some cosmetics treatment can’t hurt anyone”.

              And then that guy Nicu called everyone on my list and told them something. I don’t know what he told them, but in a few days he called me back and said “Congratulations, you now have your first distributor in your team! Another 6 appointments for the persons in your list are waiting to roll in next week”.

              And then I said to myself “Oh really, is it that easy!? I mean… I find the people and you tell them everything they need to know? Well, I might be joining the party more seriously!”.

              So here I am, doing Herbalife. Been to a presentation of theirs yesterday evening, lots of girls with wonderful smiles. That was a nice event to attend. The presentation itself? Rather long, should have kept it to the basics.

              • Sounds like a cult.

                • Parmalat


              • C.B.

                What the heck are you so excited for, haven’t you ran into into a pyramid sales scheme before! As for the benefic outcome, you are just riding the placebo effect train my friend. Like all homeopathic products Herbalife is just a load of crap so get supervisor Nicu on the phone and tell him that MD C.B. said to go fuck himself. (And I thought those sales schemes work only on peasants!)

                If you don’t trust the advice of a Romanian then get it from an Englishman (look up Richard Dawkins’ Enemies of Reason – it is time well spent ). On the other hand, if you are there just to fuck those pretty girls (and in the process wipe that smile of their faces) then go for it, they ought to be stupid enough for that.

                Hey, I just thought of something funny, if you stay on that diet and loose weight at the same rate something good might come out of this after all (in about seven or eight months). I am not very good at math but, how much do you weigh right now?

                • Parmalat

                  I weight 88.8 kg

                  Soon I’m gonna weight below 80 with Herbalife products. And MD C.B. is gonna watch me lose weight cause he don’t trust modern nutrition.

                  Well, I would tell Nicu that MD C.B. said so, but David Beckham’s nutritionist already told him different so your words wouldn’t mean too much.

                  In the mean time I’m losing weight and feeding myself properly, so Herbalife is cool even if MD C.B. doesn’t trust modern nutrition.

                  • Mr Rearguard

                    What’s David Beckham’s phone number, that’s if he has one?

            • C.B.
      • laur

        hahha i ve just watched country life on bbc and little charles is cuttin hedges n shit round in 2013 craig))). i wonder waht next)) a proper haystack?))) still he s doing something finally))

    • Roger

      You tell em Irina 🙂

      • Geronimo

        Erm Roger, you voted UKIP. In recent times, nobody has done more to vilify Romanians and spread racist caricatures that your beloved Nigel

        • Roger


          Yes I did vote UKIP, and I also like Romania and the vast majority of its people.

          Have you a problem with that?

          • Geronimo

            As long as they stay where they are

          • Roger


            ”As long as they stay where they are”

            Showing your true colours now!

            I question the immigration situation in the UK but once you realise I’m not racist and actually like Romania and the vast majority of its people and have many Romanian friends ……… You start (much like anon did) with snide remarks and false claims.

            It just shows any argument you thought you had, you’ve lost 🙂

          • Dermitius

            Liking is not to the point. I like cats and am predisposed to be friendly to the majority of those I meet, but I do not treat them on a par with my nearer relatives nor would I give them free access to my house. I favour the odd one or two but most of them can stay outside and eat rats!

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  • ASPG

    do try to remember, just because you can spew venom does not mean you are intelligent… or that your opinion is worth listening to…

  • ASPG

    I really do not understand all the venom against Prince Charles… I do think he is well intentioned and that he hopes to bring economic prosperity to Romania… generosity and an open attitude are key to Romania’s development… I don’t think the hateful attitude exhibited by some posters here is going to help develop Romania… it will hurt, if anything.

    I am sure Romanians can learn from the British and the British from Romanians… we’re all children of the same God.

    As far as Charles being a “hypocrite” because he has servants but tells people not to eat steak… I find this commentary so idiotic… Is eating steak synonymous with having servants? One involves killing an animal, the other giving someone a job… many of us are servants to our employers… some of us are “civil servants,” “public servants”….or “customer service” representatives… is there something evil in and of itself in employing people??

    • Charlie Boy is a hypocrite because while he espouses the simple life, and thinks that the little people of Romania and Anywhere should do without the trappings of modern life, he himself indulges in every possible luxury known to man.

      Do not get me wrong: I would do the same in his position and given his wealth, but I would not at the same time tell those less fortunate to make do with less.

    • Leonard M

      Nobody coming with lots of money to Romania has good intentions, but very selfish ones.

      Prince Charles wants to fill good, and Romania provides the environment and atmosphere, but as the author of the article mentioned properly, the peasant life in Romania is not that great.

      However, if the presence of Prince Charles will/would attract more tourism, then the locals could benefit from it … IF the Romanian Tourism Minister would agree to provide the right infrastructure … but here’s the problem: all high level politicians in Romania (OK, 99% of them) are totally corrupt. NOTHING will be done properly in that country until the corruption goes away.

      I think both answers have their point: ASPG speaks from the point of view of an individual who lived probably in Romania and has a different mentality than the liberal author of the article.

      If Prince Charles has real good intentions, then in time that region will flourish. I hope it will happen, since Romania is a wonderful country.

      • Agree more or less with all you say, except calling me a liberal! I am no such thing 🙂

  • Bambulici

    This article is a disgrace, you are all idiots who don’t understand at all the world you live in. Faggots…

    • Thank you for your magnificent contribution. Might I just ask which part is a disgrace? What is it we do not understand?

      • Leonard M

        I think Bambulici is stigmatized by his/her own Romanian past. A projection from a different angle would help him/her.

    • Parmalat

      Yes Sir, we grew up in the woods, I’ll tell you!

    • Mr Rearguard

      Bambi, get yourself over to Herastrau Park, sounds like you could do with a laugh!

      • anon

        Please enlighten me good sir! Tell me about this world that I don’t understand! How can I be more like you! I’m a faggot? Shit! I never knew! What am I going to tell my parents! 🙁

    • Costachel Budurau

      Very profund Bampulici!
      Now that you’ve exhausted your entire vocabulary go back to your soap opera and relax your brain for another reign or so.

    • FF

      i agree man

  • anon

    Prince Charles is a cunt, plain and simple. He’s spent the last half decade abusing his position in a quite frankly bizzare attempt to influence public policy on alternative medicine. Fortunately his little pseudoscience institution was shut down following accusations of fraud.

    • Closed down or not, Charles continues to push homeopathy as medicine.

    • How does homeopathy work? See here:

      • anon

        in short, it doesn’t work.

      • Parmalat

        Some type of alternative medicine has to work! I wouldn’t blame anyone who pushes for alternative medicine to be used more often, especially when it’s about diseases that have no known treatment.

        You know, I’m about to invent a relief for chronic sinusitis, based on observations made on myself. It worked brilliantly this winter, no more headaches and nose droppings.

        • Parmalat

          Actually it worked so well that while in previous years I would consume 3-4 bottles of nose droppings per winter, this year I didn’t even consume what was left in a bottle from last year 😀

          Good thing that I remembered, I’m gonna put this on paper and offer it for production, hopefully it will help people suffering from this condition.

        • If ‘alternative’ medicine actually worked, it would just be called ‘medicine.’

        • anon

          Mr Minchin sums it up better than I could

          “By definition, Alternative Medicine has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work. You know what they call “alternative medicine” That’s been proved to work?

          • Leonard M

            ALTERNATIVE means a second option. If you use “Alternative Medicine” first, then your alternative option will be the “Mainstream Medicine”, and vice-versa.

            It’s again a difference in how you view things in life. There are people who immediately grab medication when they feel a little ill, there are others who are scared/afraid or simply don’t like the normal drugs doctors give one.

            So, what is right? Think about that.

            Good is what works for an individual. What works for me, might not work for you and others, but it might work for plenty others. Mainstream medicine covers a good part of human beings and animals, but not all. Alternative medicine is used heavily in the West.

            • All well and good, but homeopathy (which is just water and sugar) simply does not work.

              Unless of course you have robust, peer-reviewed scientific data drawn from double-blind trials that prove otherwise?

    • Parmalat

      C’mon Mr Rearguard, he just said some stuff about Prince Charles… don’t take it personally 😛

  • Mr Rearguard

    82 servants eh? And what’s wrong with that? At least Prince Charles is giving people employment. Better than being on the Rock & Roll yes?

    • Parmalat

      Yeah, all princes should have servants, how can one be named a prince if he doesn’t have any servants…

    • He can have as many servants as he likes, but he should not tell the rest of us to make do with ‘less.’

      • Mr Rearguard

        I think King Charles (that’s what some Gypsey called him today) has a valid point. You should make do with less. Far too many people here in Romland live way beyond their means.

  • Costachel Budurau

    If this imbeciles who spent half their lives dressing up and comparing clothes when getting together had been serious about ever getting some piece of action in Romania they should have added a Romanian teacher – at least for their grammar lessons – to their staff when growing up. Their accents are terrible (in just about any language they speak). No wonder they are seen as international jokers.

    It is sad that the Romanian journalists are spineless and do not have the guts to more often state the obvious. “The king is naked” people, and he looks like shit!

    • Leonard M

      Your English is not comprehensible. And you made typos.

  • Parmalat

    I don’t believe this, you’re criticizing Prince Charles :))

    Personally I believe that people like him should be ignored. There’s a Romanian saying, describing just his type: “se plimba ca Vodă prin lobodă” which would translate as one saying and doing things because of him lacking occupation. At worse, they could be put in tabloids so that people could have a good laugh, but taking them seriously… on most occasions would not be indicated.

    However, this time Prince Charles hit the jackpot: Americans SHOULD actually eat less of everything, not only less steaks =))

    This article remembered me of something: during the days of 13-15 June, 1990 when among the hooligans at Universitate there were also some hunger strikers, TVR took an interviu with Silviu Brucan: and they asked him what advice can he give to the protestors and he said “they should go eat some steak, you can’t talk to people on an empty stomach” =))

    • The only thing praiseworthy about the man is his dress sense, which is usually immaculate.

      • Parmalat

        Didn’t study him too much, generally speaking I have my doubts about most royal and other nobiliary titles into 2011, including Regele Mihai (how can you call yourself “Regele Mihai de Romania” when your country is being ran by Traian Basescu?!), the 4-5 princes of Romania which I heard of and which they don’t know how to speak Romanian and the 42.000 or so princes of Saudi Arabia.

        I mean what’s a royal or nobiliary title nowadays if it’s not accompanied by power of decision?! 800 years ago if you were a count or a marquis then you would have the right of life and death over the subjects living in your county, nowadays when I hear about a person carrying such a title, it sounds quite odd.

        Also I don’t understand how could princes William and Harry serve in the military on other positions than commanders of the army. Are you a prince or are you a sergeant?!

        But you know, I never associated Prince Charles with the throne of Great Britain, I always perceived him as a separate entity.

    • C.B.

      Sorry, I guess a I did not make it clear that I was referring to the Romanian king and his heirs.