Bucharest’s Markets

A Bucharest market circa 1985, when there was bugger all for sale. These days of course there is plenty for sale, but thanks to the government's savage cuts in salaries and pensions, few people will soon be able to afford anything.

We touched a bit on Bucharest’s markets (especially the notorious Targul Vitan-Barzesti) in this post about Not Lego a few weeks ago, but in response to an enquiry we got at Bucharest In Your Pocket HQ last week about craft fairs, farmers’s markets and such like in Bucharest, here is a bit more…

Your first stop should be this nice little resource: Targuri Bucuresti. Available in Romanian only you should be able to make out what’s going on: the calendar function (top right) tells you what speciality markets are happening on any given day (if any).

This weekend, for example, there is an antiques market by the Peasant Museum on Sos. Kiseleff, as well as well as a peasant’s market/craft fair at Palatul Copiilor by Parcul Tineretului.

Standard produce markets can be found in most areas of the city: there are details of some here, on Bucharest In Your Pocket’s shopping pages. Our favourites (and the ones we use most) are Piata Norilor and Piata Vitan (the new, smaller version of. See here for news of what happened to the old one).

Anyway, we have come up with a map of the city’s markets (at least the ones that might be of passing interest). We know we have left some out: do feel free to tell us about others.

View Bucharest Markets in a larger map

We should also point out that markets are just about the best place to get terrific mici (another subject we have covered on these pages). Almost every market has at least one mici stand, selling classic mici in the classic way: on a piece of card with bread and sweet mustard, and a cocktail stick for cutlery.

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  • Parmalat

    By the way, I went to Vitan – Barzesti a week ago on Sunday to see what people sell these days.

    I was very disappointed to see the market to about half the size it was 6 months ago 🙁

    You could move around freely on the alleys once overcrowded, there was very little trade most people were just looking around, the expensive cars (except one or two 2005 S-Klasse which I couldn’t help notice) were literally gone only the cheap cars remained, the cell phone vendors with one or two exceptions were gone, even the fake clothes business (once raging) was deeply affected.

    Maybe there is a crisis after all…

    By the way Craig, do you happen to know the procedure of registering a car in the UK? There could be a market here for RHD used UK-registered cars. Not only that they’re cheaper than LHD cars in Germany but also by registering them in the UK people could avoid the first registration tax in Romania. Which is quite a lot for some cars: a 5-litres Mercedes from 2001 would cost 6000 Euro to register here; for 6000 Euro people here would do a lot, including adapting their style to RHD cars…

    On the other hand, as if we didn’t have enough traffic events in Romania, RHD cars were the only things that were missing…

    • See here. Is remarkably easy: fill out a form, pay a small fee, and – if the car is more than three years old – pass the MOT (equivalent of your ITP).

      • Parmalat

        WOW! I will definetly do more research on that

  • Raluca

    Love that photo! I remember those scales well, and my dad had a t-shirt just like that 🙂

    • Parmalat

      Do you remember the first years after 1990 when vendors would put a hole in the metal weights which they were using with the scales so as to sell less kg of potatoes to people for the same money? =))

      Or if you wanted to buy sugar and you found out that in a bag labeled 1kg actually contained 900g of sugar =))

      Those were some times!

      • Raluca

        Parmalat, I know those were bad times, I am in no doubt about it. But it was also my childhood, hence the nostalgia.

        • Parmalat

          It was my childhood as well, I like to remember about them too 🙂

          Back then maybe I was upset that these things happened (or maybe I didn’t care, I was 7-8 or so) but now I can only laugh when I remember them 🙂

  • Parmalat

    Piata Sudului lost its touch, it was modernized 🙁

  • Sam

    Thanks, Craig. Really helpful and informative article.