Dodgy Bucharest taxis (pt. 297)

Bucharest’s more expensive taxi drivers are apparently coming up with all sorts of new and inventive ways to fool people into thinking that their cars are in fact ordinary, cheap Bucharest taxis.

The trick of adopting a logo that looks – at quick glance – much like the logo of an ordinary company is old hat but remains common:

Which one's the cheap one?

The taxi in front costs almost three times as much as the one behind, yet the logos are similar.

The latest trick, which we noticed while out this morning, is this:

bucharest taxi
Not as cheap as it might first appear

Again: at first glance, all appears well. The tariff is a cheap as chips 1.35 lei. Except it isn’t.

Look again: Tarif 1 is 3.5 lei. A hell of a lot more than 1.3 lei.

Do be careful people.

More on Bucharest taxis here.

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  • Mark

    Craig, have you already filed a complaint with ANPC? (or are you relying on other people to do that for you?)

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  • Tony Dee

    Today I got charged 140 lei on a trip which I know normally costs 90 lei. They disgrace their nation.

  • Mr Rearguard.

    I recommend Taxi AS. Been using them everyday for yonks and they never prat about, even if you’re a foreigner.

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  • Vallachorum Tyranorum

    A big relief for me is that Bucharest doesn’t have those ultra-shifty Rio de Janeiro taxis, which kidnap folks and hold them for ransom. However, if Craig were to embark on one of them, it would make my day. :]

  • Brasovandy

    Nice one mate

  • Wellcome to Romani! :))

  • Fraser

    well spotted that man!

  • jhuitz

    Many thanks for the tip, the first I would have caught, the second one is ingenious.

  • MH

    You also have to run the gauntlet at Baneasa airport of the aggressive Taxis drivers – my wife even being felt up by one fat slob who expected us to dare taking a risk traveling with the scum.

    • Mr Rearguard

      Best way to keep aggressive taxi drivers at bay is to simply break wind, burp, sneeze, spit and pick yer nose right in their fookin faces!!!